You are getting (more) obese if you are doing these 3 things

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Clearly obesity has turned out to be a bigger disease than we all imagined. The extra pounds that we gain consistently coupled with our sedentary lifestyle might be edging us to a painful future. Adding to that is various other lifestyle choices and habits that contribute to being even more obese. Well, that’s the thing about obesity; it feeds on little things that we think barely makes a difference.

The worst part about obesity is, it affects you at every level.

You might often think, “I am not eating the usual. Why am I still gaining weight.” The answer to that is “bad habits”.

By bad habits, we don’t mean eating too much or having food high on fats. We are also not talking about getting addicted to alcohol and tobacco. We mean habits that we don’t even know are considered evil.

These habits have quietly made a way into our everyday lives and are taking us away from staying lean, one habit at a time.

Stop these 3 habits if you do not want to get (more) obese


Eating fast

Are you the one in the group who is the first to finish always?

We compared 25 different studies and all of them arrived at the same conclusion: “fast eaters are more likely to gain weight.”

“But, how does that adds to obesity?”
You ask?

The longer food stays in your mouth, the sooner you reach that feeling of fullness. This, compared to overstuffing and eating fast leads to overeating. And once you have overeaten, the rest of the job is taken care of by your digestive system. It turns the excess food into fat and stores it wherever it finds a space.

RESULT – you get obese.

How to prevent- Eat slowly; chew your food until it is chunk-free.


Sedentary living

Are you a regular office goer, but never an exerciser?

We tracked researchers who in turn tracked 334,000 people living a sedentary life and compared their physical activity levels for 12 years. The conclusion they arrived at was: “75 percent of the people who died during that time would be still living if there was the required amount of physical activity.”

“A sedentary lifestyle would mean sitting for long. How is that fatal and how does that leads to obesity?”
You ask?

A sedentary living promotes illness and increases the level of fat and sugar in your body. A regularity of that starts interfering with your blood pressure, insulin level, and other hormones.

RESULT – you get obese and attract diseases.

How to prevent- Jog, for at least 20 minutes a day (if you don’t plan to hit the gym).


Watching TV while eating

Are you the one who likes to watch something during dinnertime?

According to a survey that included interviews of 12,800 residents: “37 percent of the people who were watching TV or related while eating, were obese.

(you were smart enough to not ask the question here)

The thing is, we love to combine eating and watching. We eat popcorns when we go to a movie. We munch on nachos while binge watching our favorite series. We love eating ice-creams (some prefer Yogurt) when we watch wedding (or any other personal) videos.

TV causes you to overeat because you are paying less attention to the food and more to the screen. Because you are less concerned about the food, that feeling of fullness comes quite late.

RESULT: You obviously get obese.

How to prevent – Turn off your TV while eating. In case that seems impossible to you, eat, but don’t go for the second box or plate or scoop.


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