On World Toilet Day, here are 5 things you can do to promote sanitation in your neighborhood

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Sanitization problems in India are world famous. Our poor sanitation system and the fact that 40% of population practising open defecation makes us the frontrunner in the world in various categories related to cleanliness and health problems. However, there has been great advancements recently ever since the government, especially the honorable prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi, took the matter in his own hands.

Attention to proper usage of toilets and sustainable sanitation is the way to growth and development. Even though the challenge is huge, there has been some inspiring actions taken across the nation by individuals, students, celebrities, NGOs, private companies, etc. On one hand where some have contributed by posting influential contents and videos in social media channels like YouTube and Whatsapp, others made a wave by cleaning public places and facilities themselves.

We must understand that sanitation is not just a term for India, but a crisis that affects the dignity equality, and safety of each and every citizen. Therefore, posting pictures about toilets in Facebook or Twitter might not help us tackle the problem. We need to take bigger steps!

On 19th November, we celebrate World Toilet Day, started by the
United Nation Organization in 2001. If you think you would want to contribute towards resolving this major issue, we have a few suggestions.


Top 5 things you can do to promote sanitation in your neighborhood on World Toilet Day


Organize a themed event

Bring together families, kids, elders and others in your community and organize a sanitation-themed event. Raise awareness about the global sanitation challenge and provide information about toilet cleaning and toilet building. Try to engage people with sanitation issues in your locality. Some examples of such events can be motorbike parades, marathons, fun runs, etc.


Screen toilet-themed videos and movies

Not very recently was a movie released and the topic was the toilet taboo. The
Akshay Kumar starrer flick, “Toilet, Ek Prem Katha”, highlighted the condition of toilets in India and the taboo associated to it. Entertaining movies and videos related to the same will not only be an eye-opening experience, but will also help indulge the audience eventually leading them to understanding the cause.


Share toilet selfies with the hashtag #MyToiletMyPride

Take a selfie with your toilet and Instagram it. Use other social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., if you have an account there. The more platforms you share, the bigger the awareness. Also use the hashtag that would be trending for the day along with your own hashtag #MyToiletMyPride.


Donate money to those who want to build toilets, but can’t afford

Some people have the intention, but lack the resources. Well, here is your chance to become a savior, not just for them but in front of the entire society. Donate money and help such families build adequate sanitation systems in their houses. Find more such families in your neighborhood and start a charity fund so that others can chip in too.


Perform a cleanliness drill in your neighborhood

Make a team of ten or more go around every house in your neighborhood to perform a toilet cleaning drill. Educate families, especially kids on cleanliness and other ways of having a spotless toilet. You can offer information on using the right toilet products and tools that will enable easy cleaning or does the job perfectly. Lastly, you can also distribute complementary toilet products, which will be a massive encouragement.

For more information and tips for world toilet day, you can visit the websites of
Swachh Bharat and World Toilet Organization


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