Why home care service matter now a days?

Act of caring patients in their own place by furnishing all medical services is called as home care. The services that includes medicine, surgical treatment, dental service, ortho service, sickness, personal injury and any medical procedure for curing and healing person illness.

Now a day, this home care service has become one of the fastest growing programs in the medical industry. Increase of chronic disease patients, hospital costs, technology enhancement and climate are some of the reasons for choosing this option frequently for treating the patients and elders. This service is typically offered by hospitals and physicians through health care system.

This home care service gives you the essential care and support in the comfort of your home. There are many companies in India who offer this kind of service with utmost care. iRelief is one of the leading healthcare service providers that offers home care service all over Bangalore at an affordable price.

The main goal of this service is to ensure quality and compassionate care for the elder, ill and disabled in the convenience of a patient’s home.

Importance of home care service:

When you and your beloved elders are getting older, one thing comes in your mind that how to take care of your grandpa and elders. It is quite annoying when the simplest errands become a struggle. It can be very hard to take care of elders in this bustling life. The most common care for seniors is either nursing homes or home care services. It is important to know the difference before preferring as it does not fulfill the same duties.

Nursing home care is one of the dedicated health care services where an individual goes on live for assisting elders with all medical tasks. They provide around the clock service and assistance by the nurse with all the facilities. It can be the nice option for the one who cannot take care of themselves at all, but it costs you more than home care service. And also, it makes your elders feel alone as you will be away from them.

Why only home care service?

Home care service is a nice option for your senior citizens which is affordable. In this method of service and professional care, an individual comes to the person’s home for offering support and comfort to the seniors usually needed. They usually involve in daily tasks, supply medical equipment’s, nursing care, diagnostic services, tertiary care, companionship, health education and advisory. This form of services lets your seniors receive the treatment and the medical assistance by staying in a familiar and comfortable environment which they live.

For some seniors, home care make them feel like there is someone to share the feelings, thoughts, and opinions. It serves as open kind of communication, which gives peace of mind to the seniors.

Pros of home care service

  • It allows you to set the scheduled time
  • Offers 24*7 live service if needed
  • Offers privacy and independence
  • Affordable

At, iRelief we have qualified medical companions who can offer utmost support to your beloved ones. Our caregivers do have the capacity to offer 24/7 attendance and nursing care. We under your requirement and busy hours and offer utmost care towards your seniors. Services offering by our home care service are wellness coach or health education and advisory, Tertiary care services by qualified medical staff, Online medical directions from qualified doctors, Complete diagnostic services at your doorstep, Visitors by doctor, nurse, physiotherapist at home or office, nursing service, supply of medical equipment, health care awareness and training program.

As the human beings are sentimental creatures, we need companions to lead a happy and full-fledged life. We have friends, well-wishers and family members, who are very close. But, when getting older we may feel that we are losing everyone. In this bustling life, no one has time to take care of others, it may lead to loneliness. We at iRelief understand your situation and listed some of the benefits of the home care which we are offering.

Benefits of home care service:

There are many benefits for patients and caregivers through this health care service such as it allows the patients to receive the treatment in a comfortable place with personalized care. Receiving health care services helps the ages to avoid the unavoidable procedures at nursing facility or hospitals. The service also makes the elders feel independent with a maximum freedom, it is the most satisfying part of seniors. It also allows the seniors to live their quality time with their beloved ones. In some cases, it costs you less than other forms of health care and more convenient. The recent study proves that a person with the illness is getting recovered quickly at their home environment. There are lots of other reasons for the growing demand.

Do you have any seniors in your home, our companions are always here for you to offer end to end medical services. We at iRelief also offers ambulance service, blood bank, home care and pharmacy.

Then what are you waiting for? Download our iRelief app and enjoy medical assistance. It serves as a helping hand in all emergency cases at anytime and anywhere all over the Bangalore.


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