Why an Uber-like ambulance app is a must-have right now?

Ambulance app

When in a medical emergency, what do you do? Obviously, you would try to call an ambulance, but that’s what you would have done even 10 years ago. Our lifestyle has changed a lot in the last decade, but when it comes to medical emergencies , we are still living in the past!

Technology coupled with brilliant ideas by some geniuses have brought everything right on our fingertips. From buying groceries to paying bills to transportation, we rarely have to go out or call anyone. Our mobile phones do more of an assistant’s job than what it was designed for. There is an app to get almost anything around you. While the enthusiastic entrepreneurs of the country have managed to bring everything to our fingertips, medical services still remain aloof.

Yes, there are apps to get medicines online, but what about the most important and emergency services? Is there a savvy app that can get you on-demand, emergency/non-emergency medical transportation – ambulance – to your doorstep in 15 minutes, just like Uber or Ola. The answer is, “No, there is no such ambulance app.”

Isn’t it surprising?

Almost all of us seek ambulances instantly when there is a medical emergency. But, instead of finding an app on our mobile, we browse our contacts to find the number of the nearest medical center that can send the life-saving vehicle – if that is available. Otherwise, we rely on the state-run ambulance services, which of course is effective in its own capacity.

So, isn’t it surprising why such a facility is missing even when the demand is unbelievable? Did nobody think about creating an ambulance app for serving the needs of a major percentage of the population who find themselves in some kind of emergency every day?

But, some of you would still think, “Do I even require a real-time ambulance app service?” Here are a few reasons why:

Ambulances of private hospitals are often unreliable
 Everyone who has ever been in a medical emergency will definitely have a story lamenting ambulance woes. Ambi, a resident of Bangalore, who had faced a similar situation in the past when his father had a heart attack, shares, “It is foolish to wait for their ambulances. It is better to find your own transportation than wait for ambulances to arrive.” Clearly, he has been one of the victims of improperly managed ambulances that private hospitals own.

Typical issues of Govt-run services
-108 is a great initiative by the government to aid people in medical emergencies. However, the process gets a bit gruesome when it comes to booking the ambulance. Due to heavy demand, ambulances might not be available all the time. Long waiting periods and several inquiries makes the booking procedure tasking sometimes.

Insufficiency of private ambulances – 
Most private hospitals have 2 or 3 ambulances on an average and they get easily outnumbered due to huge demand of needy patients on a daily basis. As a result, response becomes the biggest challenge.

Unreasonable charges – When in a medical emergency, the last thing you are concerned about is money. You might book an ambulance even if you were charged unreasonably, say 1000 bucks for 10 km. And, some do exactly that!

Bad response time – If there is one thing common in all these ambulance providers, then that is “bad response time”. The department of health requires any ambulance to respond to a life-threatening call within 8 minutes and non-emergency call within 15 minutes. That gets extended to 30 and 45 minutes respectively.

When you are new to the city – Last but not the least, what would you do if you find yourself in a medical emergency when you have moved to a new city and is just settling down? You might not have any idea where the nearest medical facility is or how to go call an ambulance.

How an uber-like ambulance app will help – IMMENSELY?

Getting an ambulance will be easier

Imagine pulling out your phone and opening an app where you will see a map of your location and icons of ambulances scattered around. Reminds you of Uber, doesn’t it? Few taps and an ambulance will be on your way, as simple as booking a cab over there.

You will know its ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)

The biggest confusion in the world of ambulance will be easily sorted out here. You will know the response time of the ambulance because the app will have that info. Furthermore, you will be able to locate it real-time.

You can have different options to choose from

Ambulances are of different types: ALS, BLS, PTV. ALS is for critically injured patients, BLS  for instant medical transportation. The requirement and charges of both are different, but were you aware of that? With an app, you will be able to book the right ambulance.

You will know how much you will be paying

No more unreasonable charges of ambulance anymore. The app will obviously show you the amount you need to pay before booking.

And so much more, like booking ambulance based on past reviews, driver ratings, instant customer support, etc.

Comprehensive ambulance app with an Uber-like experience is the need of the hour.


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