What’s difference between Home Care and Medical Care

Home care

In this bustling city life, one of the most difficult tasks is to take care of your senior’s health at home by following a list of responsibilities. As your seniors are aged, they may require special attention and care, which cannot be skipped. At this point, the additional help will be highly appreciated. If you are looking for additional help, confusion about caregivers is common. So, it is very important to know the difference. There are two distinct types of care, one is home care and the other is medical care. Both types of care will not fulfill the same duties and services.

Here are a few points which will help you to understand what each caregiver does. The key difference is that medical care is a kind of clinical care which only involves in medication. And home care is a kind of health care that involves both clinical and non-clinical care.

Medical care:

Medical care is a kind of clinical care offered by a registered nurse or professional therapist. This care is usually prescribed by a doctor as part of a treatment for illness. The main job of this medical care is to deal with the disease and its cure. In this medical care, the actual individual goes to live in the facility dedicated to their health condition and well being.

This care is provided in a nursing home or hospital with round the clock care service from assistants and nurses. This is a very nice option for someone who cannot take care of themselves at all. Because in this case, the victim lives in a place with all the facilities than having someone set up to them. Generally, in this case, the professionals perform the tasks which are only prescribed by doctors.

Services offered by Medical care:

  • 24*7 care
  • Recording the patient’s behavior and health
  • Medical directions
  • Monitoring symptoms
  • Changing dressings, saline, bandage, and many others
  • Managing medication and Injections
  • Helping with treatment
  • Medical tests
  • Wound care

When to choose medical care:

  • The medical care is chosen when the senior patient has rehabilitation needs which will require a skilled nursing facility.
  • When a patient has had a change of medication, in order to monitor the side effects and examine the difference
  • Medical care is required in order to help patients who stop responding to treatments by applying new and advanced therapies or treatments.

Advantages of medical care:

  • 24* 7 service with care
  • Managed or affiliated with the government
  • Licensed and skilled professionals
  • The pay clears with insurance or Medicare

Disadvantages of medical care:

  • Higher costs
  • No privacy/independence
  • Keeps away from family and beloved ones

Home care:

Home care service which is also called as in-home care is another health care service for your senior treatment at home. In this kind of home care nursing, the assistant and caregivers come to the house for aiding your loved ones. This home care lets the seniors take treatment in their own comfort and familiar place. Home care service also helps your seniors in daily activities, friendly companionship, and medical verification.

Services offered by home care:

  • Nursing care
  • 24/7 attendance
  • Supply of medical equipment
  • Health education and advisory
  • Pain management
  • Therapy/injections
  • Complete diagnostic services
  • Medical directions from qualified doctors
  • Reminders to take medication
  • Light housework
  • Transportation to appointments
  • Helping in dressing
  • Joining in recreational activities such as games, reading books and conversation
  • Regular exercise and a healthy diet

When to choose home care:

  • Patient needs companionship
  • Patient requires attention in the home
  • Need assistance with medical procedures and day to day activities

Advantages of home care:

  • Less cost
  • Offers utmost privacy
  • Treatment in a familiar environment
  • Can have 24*7 service with care
  • Allows to schedule a convenient time

Disadvantages of home care:

  • No pay coverage with medical-assist or insurance
  • Not government-affiliated, run by a private organization

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