Top 7 general medicines you should always keep in handy

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When in pain, medicines bring us the much-needed relief. A small pill or fluid goes inside us and relieves us from all the pain or suffering in moments, working like a magic. Scientifically magical, to be precise! Life without medicine is literally impossible. We need them for every major and minor illness. From a simple headache to bigger wounds, medicines cure us like the illness never even existed there. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure that some over-the-counter or general medicines should be always available at your home.


OTC medicines or over-the-counter medicines are those drugs that can be purchased without being prescribed by any recognized healthcare professional. The reason they are sold without a prescription is due to their ingredients, which are considered safe and effective even when taken without a physician’s supervision. The medical industry has been working incessantly to bring out the best of OTC drugs that conquers the relevant pain.



  • Always read labels carefully
  • Keep medicines out of children’s reach
  • Keep a track of medicine’s expiry date and get rid of them once they get expired
  • Restock the same immediately


Here are the top 7 (over-the-counter) general medicines that everyone should have


Paracetamol – Perhaps the most important medicine you should have at all times! Famous for fighting high fever, Paracetamol is also known for reducing headache, body ache, and dizziness. Fever can attack a kid or an adult at any time and could get very tormenting.

Paracetamol is one among those highly useful anti-fever drugs that brings your body back to the right temperatures and makes you feel healthy again.


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Antacids – Getting a gassy tummy is almost every second person’s problem and antacids helps slow down the acid build-up.


Anti-allergens – Also known as Antihistamines, these protect you from your worst enemies – allergies. Allergies can be very painful and there are situations where you get exposed to elements harmful only to you. This is where the role of anti-allergens come in.


Cough control – Cold, influenza, damp weather, and many other conditions can lead to coughing a lot. Medicines to control cough are available in both, pills and liquid tonic.


ORS – Oral Rehydration Solution or more commonly referred as ORS is a highly consumed dehydration solution. Ever since its introduction, use of ORS has decreased the risk of death from diarrhea by 93%.


Antiseptic Cream or liquid – Minor scrapes, cuts, and bites could be serious unless you have an antiseptic cream or liquid at home. Costing very less, these medicines have saved many from a doctor visit.


Painkillers – Muscular aches, sprains, period pain, inflammation, stomach ache, and various kinds of pains that we experience in our daily lives every now and then can be controlled with the help of painkillers. These medications are also available as gel, foam, and spray.


Disclaimer: Medication advise as suggested in this article might not be entirely correct and is not given by a recognized healthcare professional. Before going for any of the medication advises stated above, please consult a doctor or a physician and take her/his expert opinion. The writer doesn’t holds any responsibility whatsoever. User’s discretion is advised.



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