Top 3 home-based healthcare services (for which you don’t have to visit a hospital anymore)

Home health care

The face of healthcare delivery system has seen a paradigm shift in the current decade. People today don’t have time to be sick and are therefore focusing more on preventive care. What Thomas Edison said about healthcare is finally taking a real shape. Patients today are ready to invest in elements of personal health that will reduce their probabilities of getting hospitalized. Moreover, there are various home-based healthcare services for which one doesn’t have to rely on hospitals.


Healthcare organizations are continually working on new techniques that are improving the quality of the public health system. Skilled medical practitioners are helping patients maintain optimal health by staying connected to them via apps and devices.


A disruption as such has introduced a whole new way of medical care disbursement where experts are trying to make healthcare as personalized as possible. Today, the beneficiaries of home medical care are not just homebound patients, but everyone. Hospital-based care is not the only option for care seekers anymore. Similarly, physicians are also not a patient’s primary advisors. People are open to receive medical advice from nutritionists, yoga gurus, and other experts who excel in the alternative medicine domain.


As a result, people today are more informed regarding their care and are welcoming medical care that is hospital-independent.


Hospital has come to your home!


An array of medical-based services are now available at the comfort of your home. With proper communication, collaboration, and use of technology, clinical practices are effectively getting carried out for patients in their personal space. For those of you who are learning about it for the first time, read on to know what are the home-based health care and medical services you can avail without visiting a hospital.


Top 3 home-based healthcare services that doesn’t require you to visit a hospital

Doctor consultation

Why waste time and effort in visiting a hospital for doctor consultation when they can come to you.

A doctor needs to be consulted for every minor or major health concern. It might be nothing but a regular cold, but sometimes your conditions tempt you to find and visit the nearest medical facility. While there is no pain in doing all that, you eventually waste a lot of time and effort.

Certain apps and online startups proffer home-based doctor consultations at highly affordable costs. Also, think of the amount of time and effort you can save in post-treatment follow-ups.

Lab tests

Book multiple types of lab test at home easily!


Although it is only a sample they would need, you usually have to travel all the way to a hospital or a clinic-based lab/diagnostic centers.


This has changed big time and you don’t have to visit a lab to get such tests done. A new way of lab tests involves you booking for a test via a website or an app. The next step is, professionals will be sent to your home to collect samples. Finally, reports will be mailed to your home or office inbox.


Some test examples include Blood Count, Liver Function, Lipid Profile, Blood Sugar, Serum Creatinine, Uric Acid, etc.


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Trained physiotherapists can help you recover from injuries faster, without having to visit an equipped facility.

Patients with mobility issues are already under a lot of pain and stress. On top of that was the additional suffering they have to bear while traveling to a therapy center where a physiotherapist will be assigned. Due to same reasons, many patients would get demotivated and not go for the therapy at all.


Bringing physiotherapy to home was one among the many incredible ideas according to many physiotherapy-seeking patients. Nothing can help patients heal faster than the peaceful and comforting environment of their home.


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