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Top 10 questions about milk answered - iRelief blog

Water might be the life giver, but what sustains it is milk. A white liquid, it is the first food for every newborn, human or animal (mammals). Nature has ensured in its own way the abundance of the highly important resource and we humans have left no stone unturned in exploring the different qualities of milk as well.

We have so far been able to discover 5 incredibly versatile variations out of milk – butter, cheese, curd, yoghurt, tofu – and of course innumerable recipes. Not just that, we have been able to discover many other natural resources that can generate milk too, such as Almonds, Soy, Rice, etc.

November 26 is National Milk Day, a day saved to commemorate the importance of this magical drink and the efforts of Dr. Verghese Kurien. It was Dr. Kurien’s effort that led to the initiation of world’s largest agricultural dairy development programme, “Operation Flood”, in 1970.

As close as we are to this dietary staple, confusion clouds hover in our mind all the time. How much milk is good for us, what is the right time of the day to have it, and many more. Although we are never really bothered about if we are doing it right, these questions drop by every now and then, as well as remain unanswered.

With National Milk Day only a few days ahead, we take the opportunity to clear out the misconceptions or confusions surrounding milk.


Is milk good or bad?

Milk is one of the primary sources of calcium, the element that makes our bones. It is also a very rich resource of vitamin D and protein. It also contains a lot of cholesterol and calories. For children over two, teenagers, and expecting mothers, milk is always good.

However, if you are lactose intolerant, or someone who is watching out her/his calories and cholesterol levels for weight reasons, milk or related dairy products might not be a good option.


How much milk should I drink every day?

One glass of milk taken along with a broader range of dairy products is considered optimal.


How much calcium is there in 1 glass of milk?

A regular-sized glass will contain 8 ounces or approximately 237 millilitres of milk. Hence, there will be 283.5 milligrams of calcium in one glass of milk.


Whose milk is better for health – Cow or Buffalo?

Buffalo milk. For every 100 gm, buffalo milk has 117 kcal of energy as compared to cow’s, which has 67 kcal. Other nutrients include Carbohydrate; 5.0 g against 4.4 g, Protein; 4.3 g against 3.2, Calcium; 210 mg against 120 mg


When is the right time to have milk?

Evenings are the best time to consume milk.


Is it good to drink milk before bed?

Consuming warm milk before 30 minutes to bed is considered really healthy. Milk contains Melatonin, a hormone that induces sound sleep and regulates the sleep cycle. Add a pinch of turmeric and it gets even better.


How much milk is unhealthy?

3 or more glasses of milk is considered too much, where the harm often outweighs its benefits,, according to some journal reports.


Is it bad to drink milk on an empty stomach?

Ideally, it might not have any complications, but It is not suggested to drink milk on an empty stomach. Different people have different body compositions, therefore, it is better to have it with or after having some kind of solid food.


Is skimmed milk healthier?

Skimmed milk is milk with the fat partially removed. Hence the fat and calorie count of skimmed milk reduces to significant levels. However, the calcium or protein levels are barely affected in the process. So, skim milk is good for those who are looking to skimp on the calories yet gain the many benefits of milk.


Is it okay to drink raw milk?

No. Raw milk might contain significant amounts of harmful bacteria that could cause serious health disorders. These bacterias get killed when milk is heated or pasteurized.



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