Top 10 must-take measures to deal with city air pollution

City air pollution - iRelief blogWith India being announced as the top country in terms of air pollution, here is a checklist of some effective measures city dwellers can adapt to deal with city air pollution

Over the last decade, India has turned into a pollution giant that breathes out bad, unnatural gases more than any other country in the world. Several cities in the country have been tagged as the most polluted city. According to a recently released report of WHO, India tops the world in terms of bad air quality. 14 out of 20 most polluted cities in the world are from India, where the topmost place is secured by Kanpur. Delhi and Mumbai are the 1st and 4th most polluted megacities respectively and 12 other Indian cities like Kanpur and Patna tops the city air pollution list!

The country is choking, especially those who dwell in these highly polluted cities. Air pollution has been the leading reason for various respiratory and cardiovascular-related diseases in the past years. According to Greenpeace India report published on January 11, 2017, “1.2 million deaths take place every year due to air pollution.” In 2005, India alone accounted for 28 percent of pollution-linked deaths worldwide.

These figures are alarming and so is the concern.

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City air pollution is a growing concern and its inhabitants are at great risk. From elders to adults to even babies – including those waiting to be born – everyone who is inhaling the air is actually intaking toxic substances like particles of burning coal, fossil fuel, wood, poisonous chemicals, etc. These pollutants are getting inside the body through our lungs and spreading around the body via blood vessels. And the scary part is, it is happening every second!

Here’s what you can do tackle city air pollution and protect yourself as well as your family from polluted air:


1. Never get out without a mask.

City air pollution - iRelief blog

2. Avoid jogging outside.

City air pollution - iRelief blog

3. Increase the greenery around you.

City air pollution -iRelief blog

4. Buy air purifiers.

City air pollution - iRelief blog

5. Keep changing the filters of air conditions at suggested intervals.

City air pollution - iRelief blog

6. Plan your outdoor activities for early evening or late night.

City air pollution - iRelief blog

7. Include antioxidant-rich fruits in your diet.

CIty air pollution -iRelief blog

8. Limit pollution inside the home, such as burning candles, cooking, etc.

City air pollution - iRelief blog

9. Invest in air-tight doors and windows.

City air pollution - iRelief blog

10. Keep your surrounding clean.

City air pollution - iRelief blog



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