Tips to get rid of a headache without any medication


A headache is a common mild annoyance experienced by people of all the ages now and then. They can cause unbearable pain along with nausea, dull eyes, and vomiting. The easy way to get rid is to pop a painkiller, but there are many other simple and natural remedies you can try at home. The treatment and medicine vary depending on the type of headaches. This blog list down some of the tips to get rid of a mild to moderate a headache fast without any medication.

A headache can be very detrimental to many working people and it also disturbs the performance of work, sleep, and leisure activities. It can attack in any region, it may concentrate on both the sides or an isolated portion. In addition, the pain may arise suddenly or gradually lasting for hours and couple of days.

Here are some of the tips to get rid of a headache without medication.

Physical management for headache

Take a massage session:

Massage seems like a luxury, but in case of any type of headaches, it gives a great relief. Whether it is one side or both sides of a headache, use your thumb and index fingers and apply pressure on the aching area. Because this improves the blood circulation in the head and sends out the pain away from the head. Apply rotating motion with a slight pressure for a better relief. Do it same on your neck, scalp, head, back, and shoulder. Perform it at least for 2-3 minutes.

Apply wet cloth:

Take a clean piece of cloth and dip into a cool water bowl. Lie it on your forehead for instant relief as it observes the heat from the body and relaxes the muscles. It work outs for all type of headaches.

Involve in physical activities and meditation classes:

Usually, headaches are primarily because of stress, heat, anxiety, fatigue and lack of food. Involving in some physical activities and meditation postures will lower the stress level in a better way. Give yourself a break and engage in yoga, walking, swimming, and meditation. It also helps in lowering the migraine pain. Don’t skip the warm-ups as it stretches out the muscles and relaxes.

Lie down in a dark and quiet room:

If you stay in your workplace, choose one dark and a quiet room. Block as much light as possible and relax your body to get rid the pain. If possible, you can take a small nap for 5 mins.

Hot/warm compressor:

Prepare a warm/hot compressor and apply on your forehead and back of your neck. The warmth of the compressor will expand the blood vessels in your head and gives relief from an anxiety pain. You can also try using a cool ice pack to relax the muscles.

Use acupuncture techniques:

Needle treatment is called as acupuncture, it means a small needle will be inserted at certain points in the body to regulate the blood and energy flow. It activates the dead nerves and cells. And also works effectively in preventing major and minor headaches. Acupuncture also has a capability of preventing from severe chronic conditions.

Lifestyle changes for headache

Avoid nitrates and nitrites:

Intake of some foods is more likely to trigger a headache such as foods rich in nitrates and nitrites, chocolates, cheese, fermented meat and dairy products. Nitrates are found in heart medicines. Avoid intake of foods rich in nitrates and include magnesium and vitamin B2 contained foods.

Don’t skip your meal:

Hunger is also a cause for a headache. Skipping meals can trigger a headache due to the drop in blood sugar because try to take at least snacks or light meal on time. Sometimes it also leads to fatigue. Try to eat healthy food every day on the same time to avoid headaches. Don’t end up your meal quickly, try to eat slowly.

Keep hydrated:

While going out, carry a water bottle all the times as dehydration can cause a headache. The lack of water in the body lowers the blood flow to the brain and body. In a day, you should take about seven to eight glasses of water to be away from dehydration. As soon as you feel a headache due to dehydration, take one glass of cold water.

Get plenty of sleep:

When you had a severe headache, give yourself some free time and take a nice sleep. Overwork and sitting long hours in front of desktop also prompts a headache. Find some dark and quite calm place to relax to relax your mind and muscles. It is recommend to sleep for 7-8 hours in a day. s

Natural remedies for headache

Take a cup of ginger tea:

Intake of ginger helps to relax the inflammation of blood vessels and treats any type of headaches. Make a tea with the freshly chopped ginger or drop a piece of ginger in boiled water and inhale the vapor. Chewing a ginger contained candies also relieve you from a headache.

Add cinnamon:

If you are suffering from a headache caused by common cold, intake of cinnamon will give a relief. It can use as a pack by adding some water in cinnamon powder. Apply pack on the forehead and rest it for 10 minutes. Also, it can add to a cup of hot milk or other drinks. It not only acts as a prevention item also gives an extra flavor to the foods.

Take a cup of tea or coffee:

Intake of caffeine beverages will really help in alleviating any type of headaches by reducing the size of blood vessels. Usually, intake of more caffeine is not good for health, but in this case, it works well. Prefer a cup of tea than coffee as tea contains less caffeine compared to coffee.


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