Amazing health tips to control and manage blood sugar levels

Blood sugar

People with diabetes find daily challenges hard to bear, such as diet management, medication, and exercise, but you may also be affected in the same way if you have a beloved one with diabetes. Having diabetes means the people are at a higher risk of many complications such as heart attack, mental disorder, kidney problems, and depression. However, type 2 diabetes is manageable, controllable and in some cases it can also be reversed. Taking steps to manage diabetes is not giving up all the tasty food and sweets. It means having a balanced diet to boost your energy.

You are at increased risk of developing diabetes if you are overweight or have a history of the disease, it is imperative to prevent the chances in prior. If you are already diabetic just have a look at these health tips to control or manage your blood sugar. Follow these tips and enjoy your meal without any hesitation.

What is the best diet to manage your blood sugar?

When you are planning to control or prevent blood sugar, you don’t need to go with special food or diet. Nutritious and balanced food will work just fine. Don’t include a lot of carbohydrate loaded food and instead follow a healthy diet such as intake of fruits and fiber. If you are overweight losing 5-10 percent of the extra weight will help in lowering blood sugar, cholesterol level, and blood pressure.

Even if you are above 400-500 pounds, you can get positive results with simple changes. Such as involving more physical activities and intake of healthy and balanced food.

If you have a big tummy then no doubt that you are at a higher risk. Because fat that surrounds your tummy is close to your liver and pancreases which deals with insulin. Intake of carbs, candies, sodas, drinks, ice-creams, and doughnuts may be the reason for abdominal fat. Cut down on all the items that are high in sugar to lower the risk of heart and high blood sugar diseases.

Here are the few health tips to manage your blood sugar.

Don’t skip your meal:

Skipping meals to lose weight or to lower blood sugar has become a trend these days. But remember, skipping meals especially breakfast will push your blood sugar higher. If you skip breakfast for any reason such as lack of sleep or a heavy workload, your body releases glucose from the liver. But, your liver will not detect that you have enough amount of glucose and it releases more in the case of diabetes. So, taking a small breakfast on time stops the liver from sending glucose to the bloodstream.

Overeating can increase your weight gain, so break up your mealtime and eat small portions of food every 2 hours. Suppose if you are taking medicine for releasing insulin from pancreases, the delay in meals causes risk.

Include healthy carbs:

Lowering the carbohydrates is not an ideal way to lower the blood sugar because our body needs a balanced diet. So, limit refined carbohydrates such as rice, bread, snacks, and candy. Focus on high fiber complex carbohydrates as they help in preventing your body from high sugar produce. Intake fruits, sprouts, whole grains, beans, nuts, and vegetables to get extra energy.

Take diabetic friendly biscuits and bars as a meal replacement:

When you are traveling or struck with heavy work, you may not get a break for lunch to have a balanced meal. In that case, don’t prefer taking snacks as it will boost up your weight as well as blood sugar. Sugarless drinks, biscuits, and bars are specially designed for diabetic patients. Keep those bars and biscuits in your purse, handbag, pocket or desk drawer as they are a suitable choice when you are busy. If you take some other carbs as meal replacement your carbohydrate count climbs and increases blood sugar.

Go with natural flavor booster:

Most researchers concluded that the addition of cinnamon in the diet will help lower blood sugar. So, the intake of cinnamon may help in reducing blood sugar. It also adds an extra flavor to the dish by giving a natural sweetness. Cinnamon can be sprinkled on oatmeals, yogurt or any salad without adding honey or sugar. It also lowers the cholesterol level which reduces the risk of a heart attack.

Make healthier choices when you go out:

Weekend parties, going out with family and friends is unavoidable. And, if you are diabetic you need not skip this as even you can enjoy the party with little changes. Whenever you go to any restaurants, prefer a diabetic friendly choice. A salad with a grilled chicken is an ideal choice.

Take a cup of green tea:

Drinking a cup of green tea is a great health tip to manage or control your blood sugar. Few studies reveal that replacing sugary drinks with green tea will prevent type 2 diabetes by boosting insulin sensitivity. This helps in cutting down the calories and it also acts as an anti-fighting agent. High dosage of green tea extracts can cause several good effects.

Have a quality sleep:

Lack of sleep or poor sleep can disrupt the hormones and lowers insulin sensitivity. This leads to an increase in blood sugar level and waistline. Sleeping at least for 7-8 hours will keep all the diseases at bay. If you have trouble sleeping, consult with a doctor and take the necessary steps. Frame your time for a nice sleep.

Involve more in physical activity:

Spending more time resting and being inactive can reduce the quality of sleep. Lack of sleep may enhance your blood sugar levels. Getting involved in physical exercise or walking for one hour will help in many cases such as

  • It reduces weight
  • Lowers blood sugar
  • Enhances insulin sensitivity
  • Helps in maintaining a fit body

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