The MCT Benefits of Coconut Oil Pharmacists Seldom Talk Of

Coconut oil benefits

Coconut oil has been a subject of many discussions, debates, and numerous research and studies to draw a conclusion regarding its health benefits. This plant-based oil usage can be traced back to centuries when it was also used for its antimicrobial properties apart from merely being a food product.


However, they are mostly considered similar to other refined oils, which are mainly made of saturated fats. Hence, they too get regarded as an unhealthy oil, which is a sheer misconception.

Coconut Oil mainly has Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) with lauric acid being the most. These medium-chain fatty acids are easy to break because of their shorter length of carbon chain as compared to long chain triglycerides. They are rapidly broken and absorbed into our body.


The bottom line is – MCTs are easier to break and digest, fast source of energy and less likely to be deposited as fats in our body.


However, these qualities are seldom brought to the limelight by drug makers. Pharmacists get too busy promoting the unreasonably-priced drugs that they rarely educate the mass about natural health benefactors.


There are countless MCT-related benefits of coconut oil that clearly state why this is called – miracle oil.


Easy to Digest and Immediate Source of Energy


MCTs in coconut oil are easy to break down and digest, thereby releasing energy immediately and making them less likely to be stored as fats in our body. Studies have found out that diets rich in MCTs increase body’s ability to burn more fat. MCTs have lower energy density as compared to LCTs or they provide fewer calories per gram of fat as opposed to LCTs.


Aids in Weight Loss


As MCTs are easily digestible, there is an instant release of energy, thereby affecting the metabolism positively. And, a high metabolism means you burn few extra calories.


Additional benefits of coconut oil


Inflammatory Benefits


Coconut oil has antioxidant properties and has been used topically for skin problems and diseases since ages. It hydrates the skin, treats dry skin, provides elasticity to skin and prevents wrinkles. It assists the repairing process and accelerates the restorative process in case of cuts, burns and other wounds. Apart from these, it helps in maintaining a healthy gut, good heart and brain health and preventing obesity.


Highly Stable for Cooking


Coconut oil has the ability to withstand high temperatures and being less prone to oxidation, making it one of the best options for cooking. It is perfectly suitable for pan-frying, searing, curries or even baking.


Improves Energy Levels and Lifts Mood


Our brain needs the constant supply of energy to feel good, stay sharp, and perform well. A coconut oil-rich diet provides the body and brain with that necessary and instant fuel to brain, which keeps the brain and body energized.


Coconut oil provides many potential health benefits and is becoming one of the most preferred cooking media. Breaking down of the fatty acids involves the production of ketones that can give you feeling full and thus reduces appetite. These ketones are also responsible for maintaining a good brain-health.


This oil has anti-microbial properties that help maintain a healthy gut by checking the spread of harmful virus and gastrointestinal problems.


Being an all-rounder, it is obvious that MCT-rich coconut oil is seen as more of a threat to pharmaceutical companies whose prime purpose is to create the dependency of inorganic products. It is, therefore, our responsibility to share the natural benefits of coconut oil and create awareness about it.


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