What are the reasons deny you from donating blood

Donating blood is not only helpful for the recipient and also the donor in many cases. But, did you know that not every healthy man/woman qualifies for blood donation?

Firstly, we will give a grand applause for the one who donates blood on a regular basis for their generous act that is helpful to save three recipients at a time.

Some people are disqualified from blood donation due to their health condition or disease occurred that are transmissible via blood. The person who is healthy, fit and not suffering from any disease can donate blood.

The recent study has revealed that only one in 30 of us are eligible for blood donation. But, what about the remaining ones who cannot donate blood and what was the reason behind that? These are some of the questions which arise in everyone’s mind. Here are some of the reasons which deny you from donating blood.

Age matters:

  • The donor must be at least 16 years old to donate the blood
  • There is no upper age limit as long as you are healthy, fit and no transmittable diseases

Blood pressure:

  • The donor is acceptable to transmit blood as long as the blood pressure is 100-180 mm Hg systolic and 50-100 mm bottom number.
  • Intake of medication for high blood pressure will not disqualify you from blood donation


While donating the blood the donor hemoglobin level should be minimum 12.5 percent.

Pulse rate:

The donor must be having 50-100 mm pulse rate without any irregularities

Body Temperature:

The person body temperature should be normal and it should not exceed 37.5 degree Celsius.


  • Individual who had a tongue, nose, genital, belly or any body piercing in the past 11 months are not eligible for the blood donation.
  • People with pierced ears are allowed

Feeling unwell:

If the individual has a severe fever, chesty cough, respiratory infection, difficulty in breathing, asthma, shortness of breath, cold sore or a sore throat are not allowed for giving blood until recovery.


An individual with diabetes is allowed to donate the blood if the sugar level is well controlled and as long as the syringe used for insulin is used only by them.


Donating blood during or after pregnancy is not allowed as it affects the recent child and the mother.

CJD disease:

  • The person who has a family member of Creutzfeldt -Jakob disease person is not allowed to give blood.
  • The disease is a rare and fatal brain disorder


  • A person is not allowed to donate the blood if they have just finished a course of antibiotic.
  • The reason behind is not antibiotic, the illness may transmit through the blood.

Sexual history:

  • The person will turn away from blood donation if he had anal or oral sex with another man.
  • A person who has slept with a commercial sex worker is not allowed and he has to wait 12 months for donation.
  • An individual who had a sex with a person who suffers from a blood clotting disorder (Hemophilia) is not allowed to give blood for one year.

 Hepatitis or jaundice:

If the person has suffered from hepatitis or jaundice recently won’t be allowed for blood donation and has to wait for 12 months.

Tattoo or cosmetic treatment:

The person is denied blood donation if he had a tattoo or any piercing cosmetic treatment in recent. At least 4 months’ gap is required for donating blood.


  • If a person is in need of a test for HTLV or HIV/Aids is not eligible.
  • One who is sexually active with HIV positive person is not allowed for blood donation.


  • A person with all cancers (such as lung, breast, brain, and prostate) is allowed to give blood after five years of treatment or surgery.
  • Someone suffering from blood cancer is not allowed to donate blood


  • The person should weigh at least 50 kg to get the eligibility for blood donation.

Blood result:

The person is denied if the blood test is positive for HTLV-I, HTLV-II, HIV-I, HIV-II, Hepatitis C virus, Hepatitis B virus, T Pallidum and west Nile virus (WNV).

Intravenous drug:

When someone is injected with the intravenous drug, he is not allowed for donating the blood.


A woman who had a bad miscarriage is denied to donate blood for 6 months.

Find out the reason for your ineligibility and if you are fit for giving blood prepare yourself to be safe.

Preparation tips:

  • Take enough juice or water before donating to avoid dehydration
  • Intake food before three hours of donation and avoid donating in empty stomach
  • Don’t take alcohol or beverages like coffee, tea
  • Avoid smoking
  • If you had a major surgery avoid giving blood for 6 months
  • Prefer rich food for extra strength such as eggs, spinach, leafy vegetables, citrus, orange, whole grains and many others.

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