10 surprising reasons that affect your weight loss goal

Weight loss

Spending hours in Gym, tracking calories and walking for hours. However, no weight loss noticed. Here are some surprising reasons that reveal the truth.

Are you struggling to lose weight? Even though you are not able to reach what you need.

There is no frustrating or discouraging situation than your hard work does not work out even if putting struggle, especially exercise.

Going to the gym and following food program to lose weight is quite obvious for most people, but losing weight is not a magic task. Theoretically, it sounds great, but it takes a longer time to lose weight. Here are some of the reasons why you are not able to lose weight even after putting struggle.


This list of reasons will give you clear reasons that affect your weight loss.


You are not exercising properly:

You have been walking for hours, working out hard and counting the calories, even you are not losing weight. Why? The answer is you are not exercising enough.

While exercising, you should not keep a goal of burning calories as the calories can be regained by eating extra bites of food.

Involving in thread mill, cardio, weight lifting will improve your body mass, metabolic health and helps in losing weight.

Choose a right kind of exercise and attain your weight loss.

You are not keeping track of your diet sheet

Keeping a track on what you are eating is very crucial when you are in the plan of losing weight. Many people think will eat too much food as they feel they are working hard in Gym. Eating too much healthy food with regular exercise can result in weight loss. Weight loss is all about getting out more energy and less energy intake. If your body is burning fewer calories and eating more calorie healthy food will not result in weight loss.

You are eating high-calorie foods

If you are trying to reach certain weight loss goal, keeping a track on the intake of calories is a must. A large number of people who have a trouble of losing weight are taking high-calorie foods. They may think this will not affect them, but intake of high-calorie food will keep you lag in losing weight. If you are not losing weight, estimate the intake of calories and don’t underestimate it.

You are drinking sugary drinks

Consuming a high number of sugary beverages is the biggest flaw done by most of the weight losers. This is not only applicable for cool drinks such as Maaza, Pepsi, and coke, also healthier beverages like energy drinks and vitamin water. Even packed fruit juices that contain high amount of sugar should be consumed in less quantity. Avoid taking sugary beverages to attain your weight loss goal.

You are not getting enough sleep

Sleep is very imperative to obtain overall health. A lack of sleep will not only affect your concentration also weight by releasing the hormones that make you feel hungry. It also makes you feel tired and inactive. Make sure that you sleep at least for 7 hours in a day. In addition, include some meditation activities to get a nice sleep.

You are not drinking a plenty of water

Getting hydrated by drinking plenty of water is essential while performing weight loss plan. It has many benefits including weight loss. Drinking half a liter of water before taking meals will help you to lose weight. People who drank enough water are more likely to burn 20-30 percent of calories compared to people who do not take.

You are taking much alcohol

If you are taking much alcohol, then this might be the reason for not losing weight. As alcoholic beverages like wine and beer are high in calories it affects your weight loss program. Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram. Moderate your drinking, if you are very fond of taking alcohol include some spirits like vodka.

You are starving yourself for long periods

Starving yourself for too long period might seems to be a smart idea to lose weight, but it may affect your body. Maintain your fat levels to attain a healthy body. Involve in cardio exercises and gain some muscle power to reach your goal.

You are too much stressed

It is not enough to eat low calorie and healthy food. It is imperative to keep your body stress free. Stress is another culprit for weight loss program. Being more stressed will make you eat more making less likely to lose weight. Even if you make the healthy choice, it may affect you. Take some meditation or yoga practices to reduce the stress levels.

You are eating too many nuts

Taking nuts every day during snack time is a wise opinion and they are superfoods to boost your health. However, remember they are high in fats and calories. It is very easy to eat and its crunchiness will not help you to track your intake. Even after eating one bag of nuts, you will not feel full. Try eliminating nuts in your snack as they are high in energy.

Your medical condition matters

There are a few medicines that stimulate your weight gain. If you are taking medications on a daily basis, list out its side effects. Make a doctor appointment and find out does that medicine cause weight gain. The hormonal disorder also might be the reason sometimes for your weight loss.


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