9 easy new year resolutions for 2019 to make you healthier

health-based new year resolutions 2019

Question. Do you remember what was your last year’s resolution?

New year brings with it a tradition that has been followed by people throughout the world (following it to the END is an entirely different story) – New Year Resolutions!

How many times in the past have we sat surrounded by friends, shaking our heads vigorously and agreeing into keeping a New year resolution, while also laughing hilariously because we know it would be a fail? More times than we’d like to admit!

The reason we end up quitting on our resolutions faster than we can blink is that more often than not, we set goals that may be a little too difficult for us to incorporate in daily lifestyle.

Here are a few easy health-based new year resolutions along with helpful tips, which will turn your failures into a success in 2019!

Top 9 health-based resolutions for 2019

(I will) go organic

Say goodbye to that store-bought produce! Pumped with pesticides and other harmful chemicals, they are responsible for various health problems. Instead, choose to go organic! There are multiple stores cropping up in the city, selling affordable organic produce. Find the closest store and go shopping!

(I will) quit procrastinating

At some point in our lives, we’ve all thought that it’s okay to put off an important task and maybe come back to it later. The only problem is that later ends up being an entire week.

And in no time your deadline is an hour away making you pull out your hair in frustration! In order to quit procrastinating you can start off with having a To-do-list for the day.

Also to make it fun and interesting, you could rope in your BFF into this activity and share your respective lists with each other to keep that motivation alive!

(I will) say Hi! To fitness

When we talk about fitness we automatically picture ourselves sweating it at the gym (which is definitely a sight to behold).

But fitness is much more than that. You don’t necessarily to have to spend tons of money on a gym membership that you never use!

Start your fitness journey with a 30-minute walk at your nearest park and then gradually increase your timing and pace, in order to not tire your body much and stay motivated.

(I will) get that beauty sleep

We are a generation of the walking dead. We refuse to sleep! As soon as the sun goes down, our spirits rise up!  But this act leaves us hazy and lethargic the whole day, which hinders us from giving our 100%.

Things that you can do to fall asleep sooner rather than later is to put your phone on silent, have a list of soothing songs or even read a book! (we know that will have you nodding off in no time!)

(I will) say hello to the doctor

Most of us run (screaming) in the opposite direction whenever the word Doctor is mentioned to us. Always coming up with excuses and pushing the appointment to the end of the list and worsening your illness.

But if you are choosing to be healthy, then regular check-ups with your doctor should be climbing up your list! Plan a fun activity after the doctor’s appointment to make the experience less daunting.

(I will) make healthy food choices

It’s difficult to choose healthy food when we are surrounded by cheap junk food that makes our mouth water! But in the journey towards leading a fit and healthy life, it is imperative to include a balanced and healthy diet.

And it’s made even easier with various websites and apps that offer healthy but tasty food, which will not burn a hole in your pocket! Go on, and get subscribing today!

(I will) say bye-bye to smoking

Despite the constant warnings of the harmful effects smoking causes, a large group of the population these days are drawn towards this bad habit. Although It can be immensely challenging to give up an addiction to smoking, it’s not impossible. With the right research and help from friends and family, you could be kissing this habit Good-bye!

(I will) take a chill pill

Even the most successful people, leading the most luxurious lives are constantly stressed. we are actively running behind things that are out of our reach, failing to appreciate what we already have.

Because of the intensity stress brings with it, we start choosing things that give us instant gratification/relief like smoking, drinking or even binge eating!

But there are many things that you can do instead to avoid stress, such as, taking a hot bath, take a relaxing walk with a loved one, learn to cook, laugh more often and so much more!

(I will) be a hero and donate blood

Yes, you read that right! And, donating blood has its own health benefits.

So, how many times have you planned to do good and donate blood? Multiple times, we bet! And how many times did you actually go to a blood bank and do the deed? Not as many times as you’d like?

Well, this new year make a strong resolution to do just that. Involve your friends and family, make a group and be a hero!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year 2019!


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