Top 5 cheaply available food items to manage cancer – chemotherapy side-effects

Top 5 easily/cheaply available food items to manage cancer - chemotherapy side-effects

Even though cancer has become a very common disease in today’s time, it can still bring your world to a standstill when you or a loved one is diagnosed with it.

Cancer in itself is scary and brutal. Treatments like chemotherapy, radiation and other targeted therapies that kill the cancer cells/prevent it from coming back again are scarier, and if not more brutal than the disease itself.

Side effects from the Chemotherapy treatment can vary from person to person. Some get lucky and get away with the most minimal side-effects, but some experience the worst of it.

Even so, there are some side-effects from chemotherapy that almost every cancer patient experiences, like nausea, loss of appetite, change in taste, fatigue, diarrhea, constipation and even depression.

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Usually, one has to rely on supplements to deal with such side-effects. And, the problem is, they are neither easily available nor very affordable. Since cancer treatment costs are high, this adds an additional burden to your savings that is getting depleted fast already. As this is the only option, you barely have a choice here.

But, what if we tell that you do have a choice here?

Here are a few foods that can be found easily in the nearest supermarket or at your home that may help deal with the side-effects of chemotherapy.

Top 5 food items to treat chemotherapy side effects at home

Top 5 food items to treat chemotherapy at home


Semolina or Rawa is rich in iron and also the presence of calcium, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus helps in strengthening the bones and the nervous system.

When making this for a cancer chemotherapy patient, be sure to add very little herbs and spices, because they may work as triggers for nausea.


Barley is very helpful in maintaining a healthy digestive system – which many chemotherapy patients have a problem with.

But with the soluble and insoluble fiber content being high in this whole grain, be it constipation or diarrhea – which are very common side-effects of chemotherapy – barley can be of great help.

Best way to eat/serve this is to keep it bland and make a light soup/barley water.


Sabudana is beneficial for a cancer chemotherapy patient in more ways that one.

Chemotherapy causes excess heat in the body and sabudana/sago works as a cooling agent. It also helps with muscle growth and maintaining a healthy weight which most patients suffer with.

And besides that, it also helps with maintaining proper blood regulation which keeps a heart healthy.

It can be served the same way as barley water – light and bland.


Corn is a major energy booster and chemotherapy burns energy faster than usual.

Not only that, but it is also rich in folic acid, iron and vitamin B12 which helps in producing red blood cells, which can help with one of the adverse side-effects caused by chemotherapy – low count of red blood cells.

Boiled corn with a touch of salt and lime can be the best way to eat it.


Almonds increases/maintains hemoglobin levels which may sometimes drop drastically during chemotherapy.

Added benefits are that they are great in keeping the blood pressure in control and also help prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Almonds also contain flavonoids which help in reducing cells that cause cancer.

Soak them overnight and eat it in the morning with the skin peeled.


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