What are the key facts on Prehospital emergency care?

Pre hospital care

Prehospital emergency care is one of the developing and exhilarating approaches to emergency practice. This improves the quality of life for the one who is facing a severe and life-threatening illness. It includes a wide range of services such as emergency medical service, ambulance service, disaster medicine, medical rescue, emergency medical services, and many other services. It deals with the prevention and relief of health-related issues with its broad range of practitioners that includes nurses, first responders, paramedics, first aiders and remote medics. Moreover, it also started working closely with many other emergency services such as defense, fire, police services, and many hospital emergency departments.

What is prehospital emergency care:

An initial medical care is given to a severely injured or ill person by emergency medical service responders, who are the initial health care providers during an emergency. This prehospital emergency care works before reaching to the hospital or any medical center. It performed by paramedics or emergency medical technicians.

Health care providers are the first to recognize the emergency to offer medical care by determining the need. They are licensed and certified providers. And also tied up with many medical agencies and hospitals for prompt care. Their main goal is to implement some initial care and keep their patients safe until reaching the hospital.

Prehospital emergency care is Advanced life support offered by health care centers. Usually, prehospital emergency care providers look after patients end to end services, as the delivery of life is imperative. They pay little attention to the income and this is the reason why prehospital emergency care is developing at a fast pace.

Why iRelief?

iRelief is the health care aggregator in Bangalore. That offers all emergency services such as ambulance, home care, blood bank, and health care service. The well-known healthcare provider, iRelief services is dedicated to proffering advanced prehospital emergency care. To offer emergency aid to the seriously ill or injured patients before reaching the hospital, iRelief has come up with 24-hour prehospital emergency care. The paramedics involved in emergency situations are well trained and educated.

Once an emergency occurs, as soon as the vehicle comes to the incident place. And stood in the first place to reach the hospital on time by offering necessary aid during the traveling time. The emergency vehicle equipped with all medical essentials to offer prompt healthcare solutions. Renowned healthcare center, iRelief has a large fleet of an emergency ambulance. These ambulances operate in and around Bangalore.

It deals with the real-time tracking system, where you can track your beloved one’s location and movements even in absence. It optimizes the patient’s care in the difficult circumstance being as a first responder. iRelief emergency aiders have superb exposure in all aspect of contemporary prehospital care. So, they are considered the utmost premier healthcare provider in Bangalore. The paramedics are also involved in all emergency conditions including trauma emergencies, cardiac arrests, and many others.

Advantages of choosing?

  • Provides relief from pain
  • Postpones death by offering pre-hospital care while traveling
  • Gives utmost support
  • Positively influences the course of illness
  • Manages distressing clinical complications
  • Economical
  • Provides river rescue, trauma, and tactical services
  • Advanced life support

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