Going back to being yourself – How to withdraw from alcohol addiction?

withdraw from alcohol

If you are a sober person, you might think, “Is this something that people need to be withdrawn from. Is this even a problem?” Well, believe us, it’s a pretty decent one and only a high-functioning alcoholic who has recently withdrawn from alcohol addiction and turned sober.

Addiction to alcohol can destroy lives. It will turn you from being a very confident, capable person to a someone who is driven by insecurity and remorse. Alcohol addiction is devastating, both for the consumer and the lives of the people that revolve around her/him. When the anxiety kicks in, there is nothing that would help them contain it unless the person has drunk to her/his heart’s content. “The sensation is just too powerful to resist.” What follows after that is something unfathomable.

Initially the alcoholic would enjoy the thrill since the alcohol would help wash away all that stress and social-anxiety. With a drink in your hand, you might feel at the top of the world, but what you don’t understand is you are instead going in the opposite direction. By the time you hit the bottom, you will be lonely, terminally ill, and into depression. You might have lost your family, all best friends, and sometimes, even a hard-earned reputation.

That’s the ugly truth alcoholics understand very late.

So, is there a way I can get sober once again?

Addiction is nothing but a lie we tell ourselves when we give up finding solutions to our problems. Yes, there is a storm raging inside you, but the truth is, “You are not an active mess!” As an addict, you tend to start believing that, “It’s not under my control anymore.”

An important thing about getting sober is to understand that, “Your impulses don’t control you, but instead you control them.” When you are under an influence, that was your choice. When you are trying to hold yourself, that would be again your choice.

Hence, the answer to aforementioned question is, “YES”.

You can go back to being your earlier self, you can withdraw alcohol addiction, and you can start living your life normally once again.

How to withdraw alcohol addiction?

Say “NO”, even to occasional drinking – Whether your best friend got engaged or your favorite team won the game – give yourself no reason to consume alcohol. Yes, booze is the official way to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, etc., but it’s not your way anymore. Also, no more having sips from other’s glasses and thinking it doesn’t count, since, “It’s not my glass!” Have a stern “NO” for all situations where there is alcohol involved.

Seek therapy from a Psychiatrist – A lot of people might find therapy simply a waste of money, but believe us when we say that, “It’s worth every single penny.” The person sitting on that big cushy chair might seem obnoxious at the beginning, but is the only one to show you the right path you can tread to get out of addiction.

Join a support group – You might resent sitting in a room that will be shared by people who have problems, because maybe you don’t belong there. However, they can be of great help. People in such meetings share the same shallowness and guilt you are experiencing. Just start attending and you will yourself find it to be eye-opening and productive. So, maybe you don’t belong there, but those people will save your life.

You can’t do it alone – Staying exiled during addiction might give you the impression that your family and friends are no more there for you, but that’s not true. Your family will not waste a single second once you invite them back in your life. There are friends who won’t bat an eye once you say them that you seek their help. Talk to your loved ones about your problem because they are and will be the biggest support system to help you withdraw from alcohol addiction.

Do not make alcohol be the element of your celebration, sorrow, disgust, excitement, or anything. If you want to feel thrilled and excited, there are many ways to do that instead of drinking. All you need is to select the right option.


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