How to manage your parent’s senior care from a distance

Tense about elder parents health

When it comes to managing the health of your aging parents, you may struggle with guilty feelings and those will be augmented by a distance. Whenever you think of your parent’s many emotional questions will arise in your mind like am I visiting, caring and doing enough to them? Is this distance separating my lovely aging parents? These feeling will pinch each time as you are not physically present to take care of them. In the same way, even the parents will feel guilty if they live an hour away, other state or another country from their children.

Managing senior care is not only a difficult task, but it is also the biggest concern for working professionals who are living abroad or in a different city in India. We are in this world today because of our parents and it is our responsibility to support them when they are aged and in retirement life. But how will you care if you live a distance away?

Usually, seniors may require utmost care during some temporary health situations such as surgery or a chronic health condition. Family members or relatives will visit at this time to help them, but they may leave once they recover. But, the well-recognized and reliable healthcare service iRelief, which is tailored to the patient’s requirement serves all the time and in all the aspects.

It offers the utmost senior care to your aging parents at any time. This healthcare firm will not only let your parents receive treatment from the experienced doctors but also updates their health condition to you at all times on request. Through this healthcare service center, you can also avail treatment at the comfort of your home, along with medical tests, lab tests, physiotherapy and more. It has a loop of experienced paramedics, doctors, physiotherapists, and blood bank centers. The iRelief mobile app allows you access to all its services such as Homecare which includes senior care, Blood bank, and Ambulance service. Its ambulance service can be used to book an ambulance at any time, it provides a real-time tracking system where you can track the ambulance till it reaches the desired location. And it is also used to take for general checkups if needed.

Why iRelief?

iRelief health care firm caregivers will proffer great companionship by involving in many tasks such as reminding in taking medicines on time, daily walk, exercise and much more. It ensures utmost care not only for seniors but also to those who are in critical condition.

Here are some tips to manage senior care even if you live far

Tips to manage your senior care

Assess the situation:

If you are living far away from your aging seniors, one of the foremost thing you need to perform is to assess their state of health. It means talking to their doctor, make sure that they are taking medicines and food on time. This information will help you to offer the best care and living environment that they require.

Stay Connected:

You may not visit your aging parents regularly, but reaching out will make them feel that they are not alone and someone is there to take care. Spare some time and listen to their preferences. Keep in touch with a daily phone call, text, email or arrange a video chat. Consistent communication with care will assuage a guilty thought that often runs between you and your parents.

Educate yourself:

Learn about senior care and services available to make your parents comfortable. There are many types of services available like home care, adult day care and many other. Locate the best home care service that offers the utmost care and opts the service. iRelief services is one of the fastest growing healthcare service provider that offers the best home care and elder care at affordable prices.

Keep in touch with home care nursing services:

If your aging parents are in the care of health care centers, meet them face to face at least once. This meeting will help track your parent’s health condition easily. If possible, attend doctor appointment with your parents on your next visit.

Gather your family members:

If your siblings or family members are close to your parents, gather them in one place once in a month. This will help you in building relationships. These meetings and gatherings will create a joyful environment in your home even if you are away from your parents. During this meeting, discuss your parent’s condition over the phone. This helps you to stay on track with your family members

Create a contact list:

When you live away from your aging parents, most of your communication will be through the telephone. So, gather all contact numbers of a physician, caregivers, nurse, healthcare and family members to track their health condition. Also, include one of your neighbor or friend who can immediately react to the emergency situation.


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