How to make your own makeup?

makeup tips for women

Women love makeup. In fact, we find make-up to be pretty magical! We can wake up in the morning, dab a little makeup on and suddenly we go from “Who is that woman?” to “Wow! Who is that woman?” Okay maybe we don’t stop traffic but it definitely makes us feel more confident.

Though we love makeup, sometimes the makeup doesn’t love us back. Especially, women who have sensitive skin. The moment any foreign substance comes in contact with our skin, it attacks – leaving behind some ugly scars!  And to get rid of the scars we turn to more chemicals which promises to help “beautify” our skin. But what if we could make our own makeup with no chemicals what-so-ever?

We work in the kitchen every day using various ingredients while cooking, only not realizing that the same ingredients could be used on our skin as makeup; which won’t damage our skin and will also smell delicious!  And wouldn’t it be pretty cool to make your own makeup from scratch?

Here are some simple items, which can be used to make your own makeup


yes, you read it right. The same beetroot you use to make the delicious south Indian Purial can be used to make a lip stain or a powder blush. You can either cook the beetroot in vegetable glycerine and use it as a lip stain or dry the beetroot and grind it until its nothing but powder and use it as a powder blush.


Arrowroot/Corn starch is mostly used as a thickener in foods such as puddings and sauce – Its thickening power is twice that of regular flour. But you can use arrowroot/corn starch as the base to make your own concealer/ foundation.


Don’t we all love chocolate and the mouth-watering aroma of it? Now imagine using the same cocoa powder (that we use to bake cakes and whatnot) as your foundation. Mix a little cocoa powder along with some cinnamon and arrowroot powder until you get a shade close to your skin tone and Voila! You have your own foundation which is light and does not damage your skin.


We all have coconut oil stashed in our houses, we use it for cooking delicious Kerala cuisine or we even apply it to our hair (of course our mothers forced us to) But you can use this as a natural make-up remover or also as an eyeliner. Mix a little cocoa powder and coconut oil together and bam! You have your natural-home-made eyeliner. You can even use coconut oil as a body moisturizer.


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