How to be on time for work everyday?

What time did you reach your office today? Was it on time? Or was it 5 – 40 minutes late? Most of us try hard to be on time for work every day but don’t quite reach the goal. We constantly try to find the reasons leading up to us not being punctual. But sadly don’t do much about it.

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Reaching late and starting your day late can delay an entire chain of events at work. Also, there are many other negatives that go along with having a habit of being late. Such as:

  1. Being late signals to others that you have self-control problems. In addition, people who are not punctual project incompetence.
  2. Being late to a meeting is rude to those whom you keep waiting. It tells others that you don’t value the company or their time.
  3. Being late will probably make you feel flustered and insecure, and this will be reflected in the way in which you conduct yourself during any meeting or appointment that you’re late to.
  4. Being chronically late can make you lose clients and it can make you lose your job.

What if we told you that you could let go of the latecomer title attached to your name by making a few changes in your daily routine? Because you absolutely can! Making a few easy additions and changes in your daily life can result in you being punctual and arriving to office/meetings on time.

Here are a few strategies for being on time to the office

Wake up early – and don’t touch your smartphone!

We’ve all heard from the elders that waking up early solves all the problems. Well, that does work. Waking up early will give you ample amount of time to finish all your tasks in a timely and relaxed fashion.

Also, you have to get rid of that habit of starting your day by checking notifications from Facebook, Whatsapp, and other similar apps. Many of us stay glued to our beds for hours after waking up. The reason? Our dear smartphones of course.

You must understand that there are a lot of things that you need to attend to right away and your smartphone is not going anywhere. Therefore, put that aside, and head straight to your washroom.

Get ready – without watching TV or Videos

So you woke up early and now all you have to do is get ready and be on your way to the office. But since you have a lot of time you may want to watch a video or two on your phone or maybe switch on the TV and watch the news real quick, right? Wrong! Do not do that. Because people tend to lose a lot of time watching videos or something on the TV while getting ready and don’t even realize it. What should take us 30-40 minutes, ends up taking an hour and sometimes more!

Stay pre-prepared

One more change that you can make is to place all the things you will need in the morning in order a night before itself. During a workday when you are already late, the last thing you would ever want is running around the entire house searching for your car keys, room keys, your socks, or that pen drive containing the important office presentation. Our elders were right when they said organize your things beforehand. At least you won’t have to struggle to find things, which will, in turn, make you late to office.

Eat Breakfast, but don’t cook it!

One thing that most of us do when we get late for office is skip or spend too much time on breakfast. If you choose to skip breakfast then you spend the rest of the day in office struggling to cope with lethargy and laziness. And if you choose to have a hearty breakfast you end up being late to office.

We have a tip that may help you with the above situations. Instead of cooking breakfast in the morning, why not do it the night before and store it in the fridge So that when you wake up the next day, all you have to do in the morning is pop it in the microwave for a couple of minutes and voila! You have your hearty breakfast in a short time!

Also, keep some oatmeals or cornflakes handy – these are the breakfasts that are easy to fix and still gives your body the energy to keep you going the entire day.

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Start by 9 or 9:30 am

Most of the times what happens is we follow all the points mentioned above religiously but traveling ends u taking a lot of our time. So even though we’ve woken up early, gotten ready on time and left the house we still reach our offices late. What can be done? Note the peak hours when the traffic is at its worse, generally, its 10 am to 11 am which means you must try to leave your house 30 minutes prior, by 9 or 9:30 am.

Sleep by 10. Fine, 11.

In order for you to wake up early and do the things mentioned in the above points, you have to sleep early the night before. Sleeping for 8 hours will keep your mind sharp and focused which will also help you in managing your time. There are various ways for you to sleep on time. One of them is to meditate before sleeping it will help calm and soothe your brain or listen to relaxing music.

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Refrain from using any device before sleep! Be it updating yourself with news, reading your favorite e-book or simply watching movies on the laptop, stop using any electronic device at least an hour or half an hour before going to bed. This way it will not strain your eyes, neither will it hinder your sleep cycle.  


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