Working out – How much is too much?

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There is a threshold for everything, so needless to say, that goes for exercising too. Many of us are highly motivated while getting started with a fitness regime. You might be reading quotes like “push your limits”, “no pain, no gain”, and think about implementing the same on your workout. However, there is such a thing called “overdoing” too and you need to know how much working out might be too much for you.

“Pain is not always the price you pay for a great body.”

More might not give you more!

You might think that more exercising can give you bigger muscles quickly, but that is a false assumption. Too much exercising will leave you exhausted, which will result in spending the rest of the day tired out. This can span to the next day where you will find yourself not keeping up with the regular sets of reps.

Exercising at extreme levels can have various health adversaries and we do not want to mention them here to scare you. Also, not exercising regularly will bring your body to its older shape within one or two weeks. The key, therefore, is to do it moderately.

So, exactly how much exercising is too much?

How much time is too much?

150 -200 minutes is moderate, 300 and beyond is too much.

Around two and a half hours of moderate physical activity would be enough to meet any kind of goal you have enrolled for. Weight loss, muscle building, muscle strengthening, or any other fitness goals can be met if you spend 150 to 200 minutes every week, regularly.

Similarly, working out intensely for more than an hour every day can lead to overtraining, which in turn will increase cortisol, the stress hormone.

How much weight is too much?

Anything that does not allows you to do 3 sets of 15 reps each is too much.

You think adding more weights to that bar or inserting that weight stack pin lower can help you gain muscles sooner? Wrong! You must understand the importance of quality over quantity.

According to NHS, the national healthcare system of England, “A good rule is that 1 minute of vigorous activity provides the same health benefits as 2 minutes of moderate activity.”

Start with smaller weights and increase them gradually. Your body will take its own time to get used to the pace.

Conclusion – Less is actually more!

If you are looking for drastic changes in short time, you must consult a doctor. But, if you think you have time and are motivated enough, go lift that right weight – in the gym.


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