History behind warning lights on emergency Ambulance vehicle

Have you seen any kind of emergency Ambulance vehicle with a red or blue flashing light on the top? If yes, what does it indicates and what is the use of it.

Usually, the warning light is fitted on the emergency vehicles such as ambulances, fire trucks, and the police trucks. Mainly because to convey the urgency of the journey to the other road user. It serves as a kind of warning to the road user to clear the way by going a side of the road and giving space to the vehicle. This lets the emergency vehicle to reach the destination safely and quickly. In this blog, specifically, we will talk about the warning light fitted on the top of emergency ambulance service.

We aware that the ambulance is an emergency vehicle which is specially designed for transporting the patients who are in need of abrupt hospital attention due to the injury or illness. In many places, the ambulance is a motor vehicle but in few places, the helicopters, boats, airplanes are used. The interior of an ambulance offers a room for one or more patients along with emergency medical workers. It also includes a set of medical equipment that is capable of stabilizing the patients’ health from the incident spot and throughout the journey to the hospital. Often, the ambulance warning lights are used along with a siren sound to increase the effectiveness.

History of the ambulance:

Earlier, the ambulance was designed like a bullock cart with two wheels for carrying the living sick, who are unable to walk themselves by force.

The term “ambulance” which is originally meant a moving vehicle is derived from a Latin word “ambulare”.

Initially, an ambulance is used by the Spanish people in 1487 to transport patients to the field hospitals. Later, to offer an immediate aid and ensure faster transportation, the ambulance is designed like a horse cart where the medical assistants can travel with the patients to take care in en-route.

Today, ambulances come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, also loaded with all necessary equipment’s to provide basic life support. These services are operated by hospitals, health care centers and many other private companies.

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A purpose of warning light on emergency vehicles:

Warning lights serve many imperative purposes. Firstly, if an emergency occurs, it gives a hint of its presence to other drivers to clear the way. Secondly, it visually conveys the urgency of the emergency. And it also warns other drivers for road hazards such as slow driving and a stopped vehicle. Finally, it also allows other passers to know the condition of the accident area, so that they can take special precautions while traveling.

Types of emergency lights:

There are different types of emergency lights and it may vary from city to city and country to country. For instance, earlier the ambulance features a non-flashing red light on the front as the red indicates warning and stop. Later, few emergency vehicles began using flashing lights that indicate the effectiveness and in some countries, they have also added another color blue.

What is the reason behind the emergency lights color?

The red color associated stop and warning, as it conveys the urgency of the situation. The red indication works well during the daytime, whereas the blue lights are more visible at night. The combination of red and blue helps the other passers to identify the urgency and clear the way.

The red emergency light is used in all the emergency ambulance services of India.

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