Top 8 healthy foods to your diet that are rich in Vitamin D

Vitamin D foods

Vitamin D and calcium are the two essential components required to your body for proper functioning, it also involves in the maintenance of bones, teeth, and muscles. Unlike other vitamins, vitamin D is a fat-soluble mineral that is formed with the exposure to the direct sunlight. It plays a major role in calcium absorption in bones, proper immune system and neuromuscular functioning. Its deficiency can lead to an abnormality called rickets, where the bones become soft and fail to develop. And it also leads to psoriasis, increased cancer risk, dementia, osteopenia, and autoimmune disease.

As most foods are fortified, there are only a few foods that are rich in vitamin D. The best way to get vitamin D is to expose your skin to direct sunlight and having a healthy diet. It is also available in all milk products, mushrooms, egg yolks, fatty fish, beef liver and many others.

The good news is that most people get enough amount of vitamin D as they spend enough amount of time in the sunlight. However, in the case of people who are less exposed to the sunlight will end up having a deficiency in vitamin D. Usually doctors suggest Vitamin D supplements to cure the deficiency. Taking enough amount of vitamin D in your diet can also protect from cold and help fight depression.

Here is a list of healthy foods that are rich in Vitamin D


Including mushrooms in your healthy diet will give you astounding results. As similar to human beings, even mushrooms can synthesize vitamins when exposed to sunlight. This is the only plant source of vitamin D2. Wild mushroom has to be taken at least four times a week. It can be pan-fried, baked or cooked to make it a healthy delight. In order to gain the maximum amount through mushrooms, it should be dried in sunlight before consumption. Sunlight exposure will give more vitamin D in a natural way. One cup of mushrooms will give you 2 IU (1% DV), but in a case of wild mushrooms, it may vary. As the commercial mushrooms are grown in dark it contains little amount of vitamin D2.

Fatty fish:

Fatty fish is the best source of vitamin D. Some of the popular fatty fishes are Salmon, eel, tuna, trout, and mackerel. Including these sources in your diet will also give you heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids. Serving of three ounces of salmon will give you 350 – 685 international units (100% DV). Some studies have revealed that wild caught salmon contains 988 to 1300 IU. Taking oily fish will also help in producing the required amount of vitamins.

Cod liver oil:

Cod liver oil is another popular supplement that is extremely rich in Vitamin D, A, and omega 3 fatty acids. If you don’t like to eat fish, consume this oil on a regular basis as it will give you hard nutrient that is found rarely. This is also available in the form of a capsule, which allows you to take it easy. It helps in improving brain activity, strong bones and prevents osteoporosis in adults. Taking one teaspoon (4.9 ml) will give you 450 international units.

Remember, don’t take more amount of cod liver oil.


Who doesn’t like cheese? A layer of cheese on the morning bread toast will be a delectable breakfast. Cheese is one of the best foods that are rich in vitamin D. Don’t worry that you are not able to eat salmon to get a sufficient amount, here is your favorite. Among many kinds of cheese, Ricotta cheese is the one which offers the maximum amount of vitamin D. This can add in many other food preparations to give an extra taste and flavor.

Egg yolk:

You can also get the maximum amount of vitamins by eating eggs. It is one of the wonderful nutritious food to be included in your healthy diet. The whole egg has to be taken, as the white part contain proteins and the egg yolk includes vitamins, fats, and minerals. One large egg contains 18 to 41 international units (10% DV), which is not very high. However, serving pasture raised chicken produced egg can give five times more.

Soy milk:

This is another best source to consider. Soy milk is a plant generated milk equal to regular cow milk with proteins and vitamins. It is high in vitamin C, Vitamin D, and iron. To make soy milk, firstly soak the dry soybeans for 5-6 hours and grind them by adding water.

Vanilla Yogurt:

If you don’t like to have meaty treats, having one cup of vanilla yogurt is the best option to pick for a maximum amount of vitamin D. Serving yogurt daily will not only treat your taste buds but also enhance your health. A cup of yogurt contains 115 international units. If you are working out for putting down the weight, be conscious as it contains 208 calories.

Orange Juice:

If you dislike having dairy products, a glass of orange juice is the perfect option to have for the required quantity of vitamin D. If you don’t have enough time to make fresh orange juice, you can consider packed fresh juice. Even this is equipped with a good amount of vitamin D. One glass of orange juice contains 100-150 international units of vitamin D.


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