Karnataka’s First Free Private Ambulance Service starts from Bangalore – by iRelief

“Free Ambulance” – the moment you hear that term, you might get reminded of the free ambulance service rendered by the Government of India. However, what if there are private service providers of free ambulance also?

iRelief, an online healthcare services platform, is now offering free ambulances, at the time of an emergency, for select locations in Bangalore. The “Free Ambulance Service in Bangalore” was launched on 15th August, 2019, on the eve of Independence Day, and has been running successfully. 

iRelief encompasses various healthcare services, such as Ambulance, Blood, Homecare, Pharmacy, and a myriad of other medical services. What’s more? You can connect with Blood Donors in your area and avail blood for free using the iRelief app. It works via 3 mediums:

  1. iRelief Mobile app – Download the iRelief mobile app easily from your Android or Apple phone
  2. iRelief Hotline – Call 784-784-0000 from anywhere in Karnataka 
  3. iRelief Website – Visit www.ireliefservices.com 

Free and Private? Is it really true?

Indeed it is! iRelief offers ambulance totally free of cost in case of a medical emergency, for various locations in Bangalore. 

If you are booking an ambulance, at the time of an emergency, from a location that is currently enlisted with us, you can avail the private ambulance free of cost

You can also pre-book and avail iRelief’s ambulance services at a reasonable rate.

Are the ambulances well equipped?

iRelief offers 8 different types of land based free ambulance services in Bangalore that come equipped with all the devices deemed necessary during emergencies. From IV support to defibrillators and oxygen support to paramedics, our ambulances are fully prepared to make your transport safe.

Zero questions asked

For the first time, you can avail a free ambulance service in Bangalore without answering hundreds of questions. We understand how stressful emergency situations can get and such questions only add to your stress. As a result, we came up with the policy of “zero questions asked ambulance service”. When you book an ambulance through the iRelief app or call us for the same, we just answer the questions you might have and reach your location as soon as possible.

For which locations iRelief is currently offering free private ambulance service?

While we are working hard to provide the service across the entire length and breadth of Bangalore, the current enlisted locations can be found here.

How can I book iRelief Free Private Ambulance Service

Quite simple! Download the iRelief Emergency Medical Services app from your Playstore or Appstore of your Android or iPhone respectively. 

You can also call at 784-784-0000 to do the same. 


iRelief is a free, award-winning app for all your healthcare needs. Get Instant Blood, Ambulance, Homecare, & Emergency Care services through a single tap.

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