Do’s and Don’ts for a safe holi – 2019

Water guns, gulaal, coloured cheeks and endless dancing and singing; these are just few of the things that make Holi one of the most awaited festivals of the year.

The festival symbolizes happiness and harmony and that’s exactly what the young and old alike do – get together and play with colors.

Given the diversity in India, holi is also celebrated differently in every state. But the vibe of holi is the same – vibrant colors, happy faces, great food and so much more.

While it is great to be in a celebratory mood and enjoy the spirit of the festival, one should also be careful while celebrating this joyous festival. You don’t want your festive spirit to be dampened by any injury, accident or worries in the following days, which is why we have a few do’s and don’ts, that can ensure that your Holi is not just happy but also safe.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts that you can follow for a safe holi


Say yes to Oiling it up!

Best way to protect your skin during the fun activities of holi? Rub copious amount of oil – coconut or olive – onto your skin. This will also prevent the absorption of harmful chemicals from the Gulaal.

You can also opt for a waterproof sunscreen, which will protect you from the sun and chemicals that can cause harsh tanning or painful sunburn.

You don’t have to stop at just your face and body, oil your hair up as well! It will protect the hair from absorbing colors and getting dried out. We recommend for you to use amla, almond, coconut or olive oil.

Say yes to the funky hats!

We all get funky hats handed to us in a holi party, either by the party organisers or by our friends and most of us end up ditching those hats after a few selfies taken with it.

Our advice? Stick to them! Or stick them on your head to be more precise.

This trick may just help save your hair from being exposed to all the chemical infested colors and even ease the hard task of washing off the stubborn color afterwards!

Say yes to Herbal/Homemade colors

Most of us shy away from buying organic colors during holi, either because they are not easily available in the market, or the available ones are a tad bit too expensive compared to the regular Gulaal.

The best thing to do in this scenario is to make your own! You may not get a plethora of colors available in the market but you will get the essentials!

Green color can be made by grinding dry tea leaves. It’s also the season of oranges, let the orange peel dry and grind it into a fine powder instead of just throwing it away. One of the most vibrant colors during holi is yellow! And for this you won’t have to do anything but just buy a packet of powdered turmeric.

The other fun and commonly used color is pink. You can make this color at home by cutting beetroot in thin slices and leaving them to dehydrate in the sun and then grind it until it’s nothing but a smooth powder.

Say yes to dry gulaal

Although the celebrations of holi start off with the innocent smearing of the powdered color onto each other’s face, things can get quite feisty as the day progresses. People are constantly trying to one up each other in the department of mischief.

One of the most common thing people do is diluting the powdered color in water, even though it’s super fun, it can be highly problematic to rid your body of the color afterwards.

It usually results in rashes on the skin due to the chemicals staying on your skin longer than it should and sensitive skin from all the vigorous scrubbing that is done in order to clean your body from the color.

Let’s take the fun factor down a notch this holi and be kind to each other by only sticking to dry colors. It’s also a great way to reduce the wastage of water that is quite immense.


Say no to excessive drinking

Bura na mano holi hai! This phrase is put to actual use in every possible aspect during holi celebrations. Especially when it comes to consuming alcohol or bhang which is almost synonymous with holi. The traditional drink, when consumed in large quantities can lead to health complications, which in turn will just spoil the whole experience of Holi.

Drinking in moderation is the best way to go about it to make the most of this beautiful holiday, because let’s face it, one does not necessarily have to be heavily intoxicated to enjoy the festivities of holi. Also one more mistake that people usually make is mixing alcohol with the traditional drink. It just ends in a bad scenario. Therefore, it is wise to avoid mixing the traditional drink with alcohol. Drink responsibly and make the most of this vibrant, colorful, and joyous festival that is holi!

Say no to buying expensive clothes

In case of any kind of celebration, we all want to look our best which makes us go on a crazy shopping spree. While wearing new and expensive clothes during any other festival is acceptable, doing the same for holi celebration is absurd. On holi our clothes are splattered with different colors in a just a few minutes into the celebration.

There is hardly a chance for you to showcase your gorgeous clothes in its original glory, because by the time you reach the second person to greet at the holi party, your clothes would have changed it’s color twice.

Best practice is to wear something old and whose presence won’t be missed in your wardrobe after the holi celebrations. Also to save your skin from damaging chemicals that are found in the colors, you can opt to wear clothes that will give you maximum coverage.

Say no to overeating

Like every other indian festival, holi too comes with its own share of signature delights such as – Gujiyas, malpua, dahi vada, papdi chaat and chana masala – Fried, greasy and all things decadent, the festival of colours is a foodie’s dream come true.

Because of the deliciousness of the above mentioned food items it is very possible to forgo your usual diet plan and indulge. While it’s not a bad thing to indulge in the name of Holi spirit, as long as the eating is done in moderation.

Big meals of overeating slows our digestion and makes the food spend more time being processed which can cause the gassy, bloated feeling we often get after a heavy meal.

The best way to not overeat this holi, is to be mindful of the calories that are on your plate. You don’t necessarily have to deprive yourself of the delicacies, just make sure the quantity of the said delicacies are acceptable.

Say no to eggs, mudd and metallic colors

Some people take having fun on holi to a different level when they decide to abandon the traditional colors and start reaching for anything and everything that they can see or touch. Throwing eggs at each other is one such practice, where the person who gets the eggs thrown at will not only have to struggle with the removal of colors but also the stench of the eggs.

The other common practice is pushing people into kichad or mudd. Again, before doing this make sure the person who you are about give a big shove is not actually suffering from an ailment. Given the current situation in the health department, everyone is constantly suffering from one illness or another.

One more practice that has picked up speed over the past years is the usage of metallic colors. Which are swimming with chemicals and are ten times worse for the skin compared to the original holi colors/gulaal.


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