Is donating blood safe during pregnancy?

pregnancy lady giving blood

Are you pregnant? Congratulations! Though donating blood is a genial act that can have life-changing moments for someone in need. But remember that this is the time to be caring for your unborn baby.

Women make a big part in donating blood. Nothing can beat the peace of mind that comes while helping others. But, when you are pregnant, you have to sacrifice your gracious act of donating blood. Because you need more blood for your growing baby for optimum health and nutrition.

Why shouldn’t pregnant women donate blood?

During pregnancy, women’s body produces 50% more blood than normal, which is needed to maintain the baby’s life and growth in the womb. So, pregnant women are not eligible to donate blood. Even if you decide to donate blood, it causes many unwanted health issues that affect you and your baby.

There is no clear reason as to why pregnant women should not donate blood. But, anemia is the biggest concern during pregnancy by depleting iron level.

According to the doctor’s suggestion, pregnant women have to wait at least for nine months after giving birth to donate blood. Because this period will allow your body to replenish its stores of iron. If the woman is still breastfeeding even after this period, then there are some restrictions. While donating blood, blood banks may ask you to wait till your baby is off breast milk. This is because newborns get all proteins and nutrients from the mother’s milk and during this time, blood donation may fail to supply essential nutrients to the baby with the depletion of iron content in the blood.

What health issues arise if you donate blood during pregnancy?

We all know that donating blood in the course of pregnancy may arise a few health issues. Here is a list of health issues

  • Iron deficiency anemia
  • Low birth weight
  • Low red blood cell count
  • Preterm birth

What if you donate blood before knowing about pregnancy?

If you donate blood at a very early stage of pregnancy before confirmation, nothing will make you sick. As in the early stage, your body is still preparing itself and it makes you feel good and healthy. If you are worried at this stage, it is better to consult a physician to do necessary check up’s which will help to establish that you are not anemic.

Remember, once you are pregnant anything affects your health can put your unborn baby at risk. Therefore, if you are thinking of donating blood wait until the baby is born. You can always donate blood after a few months of giving birth. So, stop donating blood during pregnancy and enjoy your days.

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