What are the disadvantages of regular smoking? Find out

dis advantages of smoking

We all know that smoking causes illness and death, even cigarette packets themselves print that it is injurious to health. Many negative advertisements are coming up on TV, even though many people are continuously smoking. If you are a smoker, then you are at the biggest risk. It may affect your lungs and whole body organs with the chemical ingredients present in it. There are also many other disadvantages of smoking cigarettes.

People have several reasons to smoke. A few might think that it is cool and stylish during college days. For some, environment and family member’s addiction matters. For some, friend circle, colleagues and work stress might be the reasons. Whatever the reason, quitting is a better deal as it is injurious to health. Many people start smoking in the early ages and later find it difficult to quit. Remember that it will not only hurt you but it is also harmful to the people around you.

Tobacco in cigarettes includes more than 4000 active chemicals that cause serious issues inside the body. Some ingredients that cause serious harm to the body are nitrogen oxides, radioactive, hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide, metal substances, tar, and many others.

Here are some of the disadvantages of smoking.

Lung Cancer:

We all aware that lung cancer is the biggest health issue caused by regular smoking. It is the foremost reason for lung cancer patients and 90% of cancer patients are leading to death. If the cancer is detected in the early stage, it can be cured but in the case of a severe condition, it leads to death. Researchers say that smokers are 30 times more likely to get lung cancer which leads to death. This is also applicable for the occasional smokers. The only way to be safe in this situation is quitting. Regular smoking also results in high blood pressure.

Affects heart and blood vessels:

Regular smoking will alter the structure of the blood vessels by narrowing the size. It also leads to a disease called atherosclerosis, where the vessels get hard and build-ups plaque. It increases the chance of heart issues and high blood pressure. The powerful chemical carbon monoxide present in the cigarette creates all health-related issues. It also interferes in blood clotting which leads to strokes.

Pregnancy issues:

This is one of the biggest disadvantages of smoking if you are a pregnant woman. If pregnant women have a habit of smoking, it not only affects the mother but also the infant. In this case, the infants are more likely to die suddenly. Even research revealed that 3 percent of the infant’s death is caused due to pregnant women with a smoking habit. It also affects the baby’s growth and development. Remember, whatever you consume during pregnancy will straight away go to the unborn baby. If you have a habit of smoking and planning for pregnancy, it is better to quit. This ensures your baby’s health.


If a person starts smoking, he/she will get addicted to doing so. The person may feel tough to get away from the habit as they will be addicted. Without smoking they can’t concentrate on the tasks and if they fail to smoke a cigarette they may start losing control on their own body which will cause irritation.

Effects your family:

By following the parents, nowadays kids have also started smoking cigarettes at an early age. Starting at an early age is very dangerous as their bodies are not capable of withstanding the effects. It also effects in the development of growth such as height and weight. Only because of smoking, today more kids are leading to death at an early age. Cigarettes also attract other habits such as alcohol and drugs.

Economic loss:

The cost of the cigarette is rising very high. So, it will not only cause damages to health but also to economics. A person who smokes a pack of cigarette for years might have spent thousands, which seems really bad for the middle-class people. Saving those big amounts can generate good returns in the future.

Smoking bothers the people around you:

Smoking will not only harm you but also affect the people around you. Blowing the air out creates an unpleasant experience around you. The individuals next to you also face the risks in the same way even if they are a non-smoker. When you blow smoke on their faces, it will get stored on their clothing which may eventually lead to some skin allergies. Some cities banned indoor smoking and offered a designated area. This is one of the dis-heartening disadvantages of smoking.


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