Delay in emergency ambulance leads to life-threatening or death!

Ambulance in Traffic

In metropolitan cities like Bangalore, thousands of people are dying as the ambulances take too long time to reach the incident spot and hospital. This delay is mainly because of the increase in traffic congestion and sometime this delay may lead to death.


Recent incidents in Bangalore that prove the statement:

In 2014, a two years old girl child was in rush to Manipal hospital on Old Airport Road from Mysore Road. She was suffering from low BP and struggling with low breath, which puts her life in trouble. As the traffic is more in that locality it took three hours for an ambulance to cover 15 km distance. After a great struggle and delay, she reached a hospital but finally, the doctors declared that “she is dead”. What was the reason for her death and who will be responsible?

In the same way, one middle-aged man collapsed on the road suddenly due to a heart attack on old Madras road. To fetch him, some stranger has called for an ambulance service from a multispecialty hospital on the same road. Due to the traffic congestion, it took hours to reach the incident and the person passed away. His family members questioned traffic police for their thoughtlessness, but no use.

Recently, a 60 years old man and his wife Suseela has called up for an immediate ambulance service as her pregnant daughter is in critical condition. They waited for one hour for the vehicle and finally, they decided to take her to the hospital through an auto than waiting for an ambulance. This is not a unique experience for Suseela family, it was faced by millions of Bangalorean’s. The reason behind is poor infrastructure, increase in car and motorcycles and undisciplined drivers.

The emergency vehicles have to fight with unbeatable traffic to reach the incident spot on time.

The situation in Bangalore:

In metropolitan cities like Bangalore, the deaths are not only happening naturally even the ambulance services are becoming culprits, but there is no way declared. Most en-route deaths and sudden heart attacks happen during the peak hours where there is not enough time to shift the patients to the hospital on time due to traffic snarls.

Actually, the main job of the emergency vehicle is to reach of immediate life-threatening call out in minutes’ time. But there are only a few ambulances which reach on time. One such is iRelief emergency ambulance service, it is well equipped with advanced life support facilities that are helpful for saving the patients till reaching the hospital.

iRelief ambulance service deals with various emergencies. That includes traffic accidents, heart attacks, emergencies, suicides, regular checkups, pregnancies, cardiac disorders and respiratory problems. It strategically armed with all healthcare medicines and equipment’s, also operated in different localities of Bangalore. The caregivers are well trained and have a capacity to deal with all patients.

How should an ambulance be?

Though there is an alert from emergency system, traffic policemen are taking a long time to clear the way for emergency vehicle. The reason behind is a heavy rush of vehicles. So, the ambulance should be able to provide pre-hospital care to the injured person/patient from incident point to hospital. Apart from the stretcher, trolley, and paramedical staff, the ambulance should also equip basic life support systems. That includes a ventilator, defibrillator, drugs and one doctor.

Sometimes, the ambulances are even used for personal purposes. Thus, the motorists try to overtake the ambulance without giving a path. The ambulance has to be used only for the emergency purpose. Every citizen should be responsible at their work.

Make a way to the ambulance and save a life.


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