The curious case of Eggetarians (Vegetarians who eat egg)

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Some few thousand years ago, there lived two kinds of homo sapiens. The first kind liked to hunt animals to provide for their food. The other kind basically depended on farming and relied on plants to satisfy for their basic needs. One day, the latter came across a small white oval object. Unsure about its origin, they tried tasting it. Since then, there was no turning back. Thus came the eggetarians.

True story? Well, some would like to believe! However, isn’t that probably the actual process of how vegetarians became eggetarians?

Dietary preferences usually come from our pedigree, familial values, religious beliefs, or personal opinions, etc. However, to choose whether or not to eat egg is a decision that is in complete contrast to the aforementioned. You stumble upon it someday and you never choose to ignore it anymore. The temptation is strong, isn’t it?

Well, that’s okay Vegetarians. Eggs are tremendously healthy, and of course are a part of innumerable great recipes. Imagine what would one do without cakes, pastries, pancakes, and of course the most popular, bread omelette.


If you are still looking for more reasons to stay eggetarian (happily) for the rest of your life or maybe become one, here are some:


You get the nutrition

Call them “tiny pockets of energy” instead of egg because that’s what they actually are. There is protein (6 gms), vitamin A, D, & E, iron, iodine, selenium, zinc, antioxidants, etc., to name a few. Also, your cholesterol profile stays in check if you are having eggs.


Hitting the gym won’t be an issue

You muscles need a lot of protein when you start working out. It often becomes difficult for vegetarians to find the right source of protein at that moment. Although protein powder is an option, they are not always recommended for beginners.

However, for eggetarians, the grass is always green. They can choose to have 1 or 2 eggs which can easily suffice for their daily protein requirement.


You get to devour incredible recipes

Cakes and pastries can be created without eggs and they will taste no different, but there are many other incredible dishes where egg can’t be ignored. And, their taste is neat.


You get to be both – vegetarian as well as eggetarian

It’s quite established that having egg never makes you a (complete) non-vegetarian. The debate is still there. So unless a conclusion is reached, you can switch your role from being vegetarian to eggetarian and vice versa, whenever you please.


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