How to celebrate an organic and all-natural Christmas?

How to celebrate an organic and all-natural christmas?

All that energy and spirit of Christmas creates many everlasting memories, but have you ever spared a thought for people who have to deal with the post-celebration waste. On top of that, think of the toll this might be bringing to Nature. Worldwide, more than 100 million trees are cut, 3 billion cards sent, and decor items worth $500 billion purchased. All of that becomes nothing but waste after Christmas.

Should I stop celebrating Christmas then? You ask?

“No”, but maybe reform it a little bit.

Tweak your imagination and creativity levels a little bit and you will notice a lot of things around that can be put to great use. Switching to a natural-themed Christmas might not look easy, however, there is a promise of that same festive cheer and merry-making.

A sustainable Christmas is possible!

Top 5 ideas to celebrate an all-organic-and-natural Christmas?

Make your own ‘real’ Christmas tree

Instead of having an entire real tree cut down, you could use a portion of the tree, like few pine and fir branches and make your own real-ish tree. Use a long block of wood and fix it on a pot using sand. You could also use a tall stool and tie the branches with burlap strings. This is going to take some time, therefore, starting working a day prior to Christmas eve.

For next year, plant a tree in your garden today so that you can have your own real tree by next year.

Buy recyclable decor

You don’t have to stick to plastic decorations anymore. Many websites and physical shops now sell decoratives that are made using sustainable and recyclable materials.

Also, you can also make your own. All you need to do is watch those 5-minute-crafts YouTube videos that will hopefully make you an expert in no time.

Go for handmade gifts

Since we are talking about all-things-natural, how about bringing that theme to the second-most vital thing – gifts (the first is obviously the tree). Instead of falling for big brands or visiting the nearest mall, consider those handicrafts stores. Sustainable gifts like those stay for a long time.

Cook your own muffins and cookies

Sure you could buy those sumptuous muffins and cookies from the bakery near you, but they are spilling with artificial flavors. Why go for that when you can indulge in real flavors that are easy to prepare at home. Yes, they require a lot of time and effort, but home baked goodness is always unparalleled.

Hang a natural wreath

A wreath on your door is as crucial as everything else, but the artificial one is just not green enough. A stunning natural wreath will not just look beautiful, but will add a bit of nature to your entrance, making it more lively.

Merry Christmas !!!


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