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A heart attack is a very serious issue that puts the human body through extensive shocks. It not only affects psychologically also physical health. After a heart attack, many people will undergo depression, fatigue, irritation, fear, anxiety, and worry. Especially in a case of elderly people, it is more dangerous, because when plaque clogs the blood vessels that carry oxygen to the blood. The blockage stops the flow of blood to the heart and finally leads to shut down. Sometimes this may cause diverse effects on the body. At this time home care comes into existence.

Mostly the senior citizens will take a long process to recover from a heart attack. So, we have to take special care according to the doctor’s advice such as following a healthier diet, taking a new medication, involving in yoga and meditation classes and exercising more to be active. This can reduce the risk of death from a heart attack.

Suppose if your spouse, parent or grandparent has recovered from the first heart attack, now it’s your turn to take special attention for a quick recovery. In this bustling lifetime, spending long hours to take care of your senior citizens has become chaotic. But don’t worry still, there is an option to ensure the same. What you want to do is to download an iRelief app from your play store and place a request for healthcare nursing service at home. iRelief is an aggregator for healthcare services and it offers quality services with its innovative technology. The services ranging from the ambulance, home care, blood bank and pharmacy services.

How a home care service helps after heart attack

For many seniors, the support offered can be the difference between a healthy recovery and a readmission to the hospital.

Usually, the home care specialists treat their patients as their own family members and offer utmost support and care after being hospitalized for a cardiac attack.

Researchers said that 20% of the patients who suffered from cardiac attack are readmitted to the hospital with the lack of care. Being as a health care aggregator in Bangalore, iRelief has an ability to prevent the readmission to the hospital. We use innovative technology-based solutions that are proven to reduce the risk factor.

Practices that taken care by home health care services:

Medical reminders:

After a heart attack, doctors often prescribe medication for speed healing. The patients should know the frequency of the medication intake and must take it as instructed without any delay. However, illness and age may cause some elders to forget the timings. Caretakers can remind and help them to take their medicine on time by ensuring the schedule.

Follow’s Doctors order:

Following doctors order is one of the foremost steps to be taken care of fast recovery. Because following their directions will increases the chances of healthy recovery. Caretakers will keep in touch with the doctors and pay close attention. They also involve in asking questions and clarifications from the doctor.

Diet planning:

After a heart attack, doctors will recommend the patients to change their diet plan to have a healthy diet for strong and healthy life. Caretakers will remind your beloved one to have according to the diet plan and also allows them to follow diet restriction based on doctor’s suggestion.

Managing stress and anxiety:

After a heart attack, managing the stress and anxiety can prevent an individual from the next stroke occurrence. To help your beloved one, caretakers will alleviate stress by letting them involve in medication and other general tasks. Taking part in meditation will make your elder one feel free from the stress and increases the chance of recovery. By this way, you can breathe freely.

Reducing Risk Factors:

After one cardiac attack, the individual will be at higher risk of the second occurrence. So, it is imperative to take care of preventive measures to protect from future harm. Part of recovery process the caretaker will keep an eye on person’s weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol level and helps them to quit smoking.

Daily Exercise:

After a heart attack, doctors will recommend the individuals to involve in physical activities for improving cardiovascular health. As a part of recovery, caretakers will help your beloved one to engage in regular exercises based on their age and health condition, with enough encouragement and reminder. Sometimes, they act as their walking partners.  Regular exercise can strengthen the heart and reduces the chance of the second attack.

Makes life easier

After spending 3-4 months in the hospital, most patients need a great companion to share their feelings. After a heart attack, it is imperative to make your beloved one feel happy to lower the chances of the second attack. As a part of a recovery process, caretakers will help in many aspects such as involving in physical activities, bathing, dressing and short walking.

If your beloved one suffered a heart attack and in need of helping hand, we are here to help you. We have qualified nurses to offer a few hours or 24 hours’ care. Contact iRelief team today and make your beloved one feel comfortable and happy.



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