Best vitamin C foods to include in your healthy diet

Best Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin which is essential for the body development and rebuilding tissues, cartilage, bones, blood vessels and many others. It plays a major role in creating ATP, tyrosine, peptide hormones and dopamine. By acting as an anti-oxidant, it lowers cancer risk factor.  Intake of best Vitamin C foods on a daily basis will keep you away from all diseases by boosting body ability.

It’s deficiency results breakdown of collagen which leads to severe condition, this is one of the rare diseases. The mild deficiency causes split hairs, bleeding nose and gums, slow wound healing and red spots on the skin.

Scientifically vitamin C is called as Ascorbic acid and protects the body from a cough and cold and strengthens the immune system. There are a number of fruits and vegetables which are rich in Vitamin C. And in the market, there are many supplements for vitamin C such as capsules, powder, shakes and tablets. The benefits of taking best vitamin C foods are many, but here are a few foods.


Citrus fruits:

Orange, grapefruit, and lemon are the most powerful citrus fruits available in the market. These are the best vitamin C rich fruits to prefer for a daily use. One large orange contains 82 mg (100% DV) of Vitamin C and 78 calories. A half cup of grapefruit contains 50 mg of Vitamin C and 70 calories. This is the most favourite fruit for all mankind. This can eat directly or can be taken as a fresh juice. In many citrus fruits, the peel also contains Vitamin C.


Guavas are considered to be the best vitamin C foods as it contains abundant antioxidant vitamin C, fiber, potassium and folic acid which helps the digestive system. 100 gm guava can produce 228 mg of vitamin C. This can be taken on a daily basis and easily available in the market.

Red bell peppers:

There are three varieties of bell peppers such as red, yellow and green, among that red bell pepper is the top source of vitamin C. Half a cup of chopped red pepper contains 95 mg vitamin C over 100% DV and 15 calories. Cooked bell peppers contain 52 mg of vitamin C with 10 calories.

Green bell peppers and yellow bell peppers also contain the maximum amount of vitamin C.


Bright, red cute tomatoes are another best vitamin C food. This can be used directly or add them to sandwich, burger or salad. This is loaded with all essential nutrients. Better eat in the raw form as heating may lower the vitamin C. 100 gm of tomatoes contains 100 mg of vitamin C, it means the required dosage of daily needs.


There are three varieties if berries such as Raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries. These are the powerful food that is extremely rich in Vitamin C, fiber and anti-oxidants. Intake of berries on daily basis will reduce the stress less, bad cholesterol and protect your body from cancer or any chronic condition. One cup of sliced strawberries gives a required amount of Vitamin C 97.60 mg (163% DV) and 53 calories. Berries can be used along with the breakfast or as a sweet after a dinner. Using these strawberries, you can make many dishes such as ice cream, shake or smoothie.

100 gm of blackberries gives 180 mg of vitamin C and they are also high in Iron, Potassium and Vitamin B5.


Papaya is one of the tastiest fruit which is rich in Vitamin C, fiber, potassium and Vitamin A. One small papaya weigh 157 gm contains 95.6 mg (159 percent DV) which is equivalent to your daily needs. There are many additional fruits with this fruit and it is also used as a pack to cure blemishes and for an instant glow. Cut into the pieces and eat it raw on daily basis.


This wonderful little green tree serves enough amount of vitamin C required for your day. It can be serve as raw on salads or cooked and it tastes delicious. As it is stored with many benefits, it can be used on a daily basis. 100 gm of chopped Broccoli provide 89 mg of vitamin C. Try using this during flu season as helps in boosting your immune system.


A small fruit Kiwi is one of the amazing Vitamin C food loaded with surprising benefits. It packs with antioxidants, flavonoids, and potassium. Taking a small kiwi fruit will give you 141 percent of vitamin C, it also helps in boosting the immune system. A Recent study has revealed that the person who is eating this Kiwi fruits daily has the strong respiratory system than children.


Indian Gooseberry, usually called as Amla is an exotic fruit with a high level of Vitamin C. This is one of the main ingredient used in the most important medicines. Amla holds 20 times more Vitamin C than the citrus fruit Orange. This you can take as a raw or dried one for boosting properties. Serving 100 gm of amla will provide 600 to 1800 mg.

Include these best vitamin C foods in your diet and be away from severe chronic conditions.


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