5 small changes that will help conserve energy upto 50%

National energy conservation day blog by iRelief

We are looking for scopes of survival outside the planet Earth. Intellectuals around the world constantly debate about “life on Mars”. What does these all indicate? Earth is running out of its primary resources, ‘Land’, ‘(safe) Air’ , and ‘(pure) Water’. Also, we don’t have that technology yet that would help us evolve and be less dependent on these resources. Until that time, the only way to survive out longer is through conservation of energy, or in simple words.”use less of it.”

So, how do you conserve energy? FYI, there is no product or tool available that you can go and purchase out there that can help. Energy consumption or preservation is simply the part of our conduct. In fact, energy can start getting conserved the moment we start thinking about it, let alone take the right measures. So, how or where to get started?

With some adjustments and lifestyle changes, you can decrease energy consumption upto 5X. Here’s how:

Small changes that can help conserve energy big time

1. Depend more on natural lighting

Yes, there are LEDs and other lighting solutions that consume way less energy than before, but they can stay turned off too. Why? Because of the biggest bulb that keeps glowing out there – the Sun.

If you use windows and ventilators correctly, your rooms will have just the right amount of light it needs during the day. Keep that bulb off throughout the day and turn it on only when you get lost.

2. Turn off that mobile charger

We are habituated to put our mobile phones on charge and then go to sleep. While the mobile gets charged in only an hour or two, the rest of the electricity is consumed for no reason at all. Similarly, we leave switches of fans, ACs. and other appliances in the on mode. The belief here is, “as far as the appliance is not turned on, electricity is not consumed”, right?


Electricity is consumed nevertheless. The next time you are done charging your phone, tap off that plug.

3. Turn that faucet knob gently

In other words, ‘slowly’.

Water is scarce, and we know that, and we are still wasting a lot of it. We have huge shower heads that creates a waterfall-like experience, designer faucets that gives the feeling of water coming out of a hot spring, and so on. Thanks to the plumbing industry here that is focusing more on the aesthetics.

Since they are not doing their job, we must take it on our own hands. You can save a lot of water if you partially open that faucet knob or shower handle. Slowly you would notice that not only are you saving a lot of water, but also getting the job done, perfectly.

4. Go back to being that child who loved cycling around

As children, nothing would excite us more than taking our bicycles and going out for a ride with friends. Cycles were the only mode of transport we could rely on. As we grew up, we moved on to the better and faster version of cycles. The difference now was, it was powered by fossil fuel and produce harmful, environment-polluting smokes.  

That can be changed!

Remember those good ol’ days and turn to that energy-efficient mode of transport once again.

5. Give yourself a break from the modern lifestyle

Take a break from binge watching your favorite movies or indulging in a group video call with friends. Instead go out for a stroll or meet your friends in a park. Indulge in real games instead of mobile games. Go for long drives, but on cycles. Taste a coconut water instead of that chilled beer or coke. Need more such tips? Let us know in the comment section.

December 14 is National Energy Conservation Day. Let’s use this day to create more awareness about energy conservation and reshape our approach to utilizing energy.


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