5 major reasons why diet plans fail (and what you can do about them)

Trying to figure out why you’re failing miserably at your latest, 100% effective diet plan??? We might have just the answer!

Almost every day, we find new diet plans popping up on the internet – either Introduced by a famous fitness guru or one that was followed by our favorite celebrity.

But do the same diet plans work for us?

Have you ever wondered why diet plans don’t usually work? Are these fitness enthusiasts and celebrities who have recommended the diet or follow it themselves not from this planet? Maybe this is their superpower? You wish!

Actually, the fault lies in our stars, or more precisely, in us.

But, how?

Here are a few plausible reasons/factors that contribute to the failure of a diet plan. Also mentioned are things you can do to avoid these factors and see long-lasting results.

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We have an explanation!

Let the (diet)games begin!

Here are top 5 reasons why your diet plans fail!

Inability to control urges

Remember the story of Adam and Eve and the forbidden fruit?

Human mind dislikes restrictions, and when it is given one, it always fails to keep up with it.

Similarly, when we restrict ourselves from a certain food item(s) we end up wanting or craving it more than usual!

This is one of the major reasons most diet plan don’t last longer than 2 weeks.

Cheat meals/days

Indulge and then get back on that wagon!

So this one fine day you are invited to a sudden dinner plan. You arrive and find an elaborate table spread out with most of your favorite food items. What will you do? Stick to your diet and order a salad? Or just give in to the temptation?

We all know what you chose there!

One of the other major reason for people giving up on their diet plan is “cheat days”. Thinking that one cheat meal will not set you off track is a myth. It might ruin all that hard work and efforts of the past days!

What comes next is the guilt, which is often so strong that we decide to just give up on our diet plan altogether! And maybe even binge eat to drown out the guilt and to find comfort in our favorite food items.

And that may be the biggest mistake you could make!

It’s very common to have days that you go off track your diet, but there is a trick to survive this. Do enjoy your impromptu cheat meal but hit the gym a little harder than usual to burn off the extra calories!

When/if you fall off the wagon –  you get right back on and start over!

Wasn’t doing it for myself!

“I, me and myself!”

While starting on this journey of great lifestyle change, most people fail to ask themselves the most vital question.

Why do I want to do this?

Is it because I want to be healthy? Or is it because someone else is pushing me to?

If you did do it because of someone else, you will stop following the diet once the involvement of that someone goes down.

Hence, the diet plan breathes its last.

You must understand the importance of your personal involvement. It should always be about YOU!

Follow a diet and exercise plan because YOU want to do it, not because someone else is breathing down your neck!

No one can better motivate you than yourself!

Lack of strong support system

“Sometimes it takes an entire village!”

Although we’ve established the fact that no one is a greater motivator than our-own-self, it does not mean you don’t need a group of people appreciating, motivating and pumping you up!

Have a tight circle of friends who understand the importance of your diet and exercise plan, and who will help remind you of it when you hit the dark road or need an extra kick!

Also, it’s advisable to distance yourself from the people who may belittle, mock or even make fun of your goals.

Short-term plan

Not a crash course!

In conclusion, the best way to get long-term results in terms of weight loss or maintenance of the lost weight is to have a long-term but an easy diet plan, that is flexible and easily incorporated in our daily routine.

Include healthy, nutrient-dense food items in your regular diet slowly and steadily. Do not over-do at the gym on your first day and run yourself thin, only to be too tired to show up the next day!


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